the 3 fundamental educational basics

There are three main, largely unknown, fundamental and essential educational concepts, that can provide a very strong, efficient and natural foundation for all common learning and educational endeavors.

 But before going further and exposing those three concepts, there is also an important premise useful to be reminded here as well, which is the idea that: it might be very beneficial, to be fully conscious of the fact that, the use of the gentlest possible touch in all your teaching and educational endeavors, is always the most harmonious and constructive approach to be used.

 And so, furthermore, do allow in their education the following 3 main essential and fundamental concepts:

number one:
Choices & their consequences, in

safe environments

Teach them interactively in safe environments (through ‘hands-on’ scenarios and interactions conceived by using the adult’s child-like imagination), how to make choices, and what the consequences of their choices and actions actually are – and it’s important to do that through methodologies or systems that are truly interactive and more representative of actual activities in the world, so they can better learn by actually doing, and thus to experience the consequences of their choices, and examine the possibilities, and make the choices that would benefit them, that are in alignment with who they deem themselves to be.

And quite obviously, this should not at all be about generating limiting fears or phobias, but about generating discernment – quite similar to the watching of a movie.

This will also lead to a greater awareness and realization of the following second fundamental:

number two:

Teach them that: they (and every other single individual on this Planet) are totally self-empowered – that they are as powerful as they need to be, to have anything they need in life, without having to harm themselves, or anyone else in order to get it.

and a bit differently expressed, by using some ‘extra-spiritually-spiced’ concepts and terms:

Reminding them of their Infinite Nature and their ability to create and attract whatever reality imaginable (without having to harm themselves or anyone in the process) – and that there is really no shortage of resources in the Universe, or on Earth (because abundance is the real nature of the Infinite).

number three:
Nurturing their Excitement

( and just to be sure that we are on the ‘same page’ with our definitions of terms, Excitement” can mean any of the following: Passion, Enthusiasm, Exaltation, Creativity, Joy, Enjoying, Dreaming, Love, Trust in a positive way, the physical body’s physical translation of the vibration of the: True, Authentic, Natural Self )

Nowadays it’s clearly demonstrated in many documented cases and personal success stories, and also advised by most self-development schools, counselors, teachers and books, the idea that: whatever you are doing in life with the most passion and excitement, will be the area of acting or the specific domain that you’ll be the most prolific and efficient at, and from which, the most prosperity, abundance and support can be derived from – Excitement being really the vibration of the true, natural, authentic individual; and thus, if you nurture their excitement, the ‘rewards’ can be truly wondrous!

Henceforth, do find out what truly excites them, and adapt the lessons they need to learn to their excitement, and not the other way around.

  Teach them (by creating interactive learning), in ways that adapt the lesson to their excitement, in the ways which are germane who they really are, instead of simply being given information that forces them to become like all others.

Truly listen to them, let them participate and solicit their ideas on how to apply any general principle of any subject you may believe they need to be taught, in the way that excites them the most.


Also, teach and help them to incorporate in all their learning, the things that excite them the most, by taking the knowledge and information that is currently taught, in the way that is taught in their schooling environments, and adapting and incorporating that knowledge, in ways that they find exciting, into what truly excites them in life, instead of assuming that they have to conform to the ways that they are taught to use that information – let them figure out how to use that information in their own way – rather than attempting to conform the student to the information.*



* if you are possibly worried that, by adopting the ideas above, the child will not become a “know-it-all generalist”, it might be useful to to be reminded or/and conscious of the facts that:

1. whomever seeks to learn or to discover something, and that information or knowledge is truly relevant and useful for his or her highest personal excitement and evolution, it will certainly be found/attracted by that Individual;

2. if an individual has a potentially very useful positive Belief that: All the really necessary knowledge and information, will always be present and available, when it will be truly necessary to have that information (information/knowledge which can be attracted/revealed through various modalities such as: intuition, knowledge, inspiration, other persons, situations, Internet, synchronicities, etc.) – then, that information it’s certainly going to be there present, exactly when really needed (not a second later, and not a second before)!… and this works especially well, when no fearful (conscious or unconscious) beliefs (that the information is not going to be there when needed) get in the way.

Furthermore, as another potentially relevant aspect here, an example that most individuals might have experienced, especially in their schooling years, when they found out that: the learning of the subjects that were intuitively perceived as: not useful, or not relevant for later in life, are very difficult to focus on, or to memorize, and the subjects of true interest, of excitement, or that were intuitively perceived as potentially useful for later in life, to be very easy to give attention to, to comprehend and to memorize; similarly, when an individual / child is excited about learning something, it is even very improbable that you can even stop that individual from learning it..

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