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Yeshua aka Jesus Christianity and the Second Coming through an ET perspective[hupso]

A vast and comprehensive compilation of various extraterrestrial transmissions and interactions regarding the topics of: Jesus, Christ Consciousness, Religions on Earth, Second Coming, Church and many other profound understandings related to those topics.

All talks are credited to an E.T. first-contact specialist, ambassador and friend of Humanity, who has been emanating immensely valuable and highly beneficial information for the last approx. 30 years, and going by the name of: Bashar, and channeling through Daryll Anka. See for more information

An live and ‘ever-evolving’ material that will constantly be refined and updated (in the the areas of information contained and ergonomics aspect), so checking back often, or ideally subscribing or following on social media in order to be posted on all updates, might be a beneficial endeavor.



A first quote from a live Q&A interaction:

 …the idea is that your society, as we perceive it — and again this is not meant derogatorily — has placed many labels, many definitions which, in and of themselves, are really the only thing responsible for limiting your ability to see that you are all the Christ.  And that is what it is all about.  If you want to find the idea of the embodiment of Christ consciousness, go home and look in a mirror.  And then start acting as if you are that embodiment, and you will be fulfilling the idea that the Christ consciousness sought to impart to all of you.  What you have referred to, in your society, as the “second coming” is not the coming of an individual; it is the recognition within each individual on your planet of the Christ that each and every one of you is… and living like it.  That is your second coming!

Know that the manifestation in physical terms of, what you call, the Christ actually happened far more often than once.  And the idea is that in every endeavor, in every projection of the Christ as a physical expression, what was being shared with your population was that you are all part of the Christ.  The idea was not that only Christ can create the reality you desire, but that your power to create that reality is a part of what God is.

The idea is this, at the time the information was delivered in your society, the concepts that were understood by your civilization then could only translate the idea in terms of being a ruler and being ruled.  And so you created the idea that the Christ was a savior who would do everything for you — rather than understanding that Christ is only a reflection, a reflection to each and every one of you that you are aspects of the Christ, and have an absolute right to create the elevation and ascension of your own energy as a representation of that energy.

Q:  Well, when Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me, ” what did he mean by that?

B:  He was saying, to paraphrase, as you understand your language now, “What you perceive in me is the vibration of integration, wherein I know myself to be on the same level, equal to God, All That Is.  The only way you will know yourself to be that idea is to be like me, to be of the equal vibration of recognizing yourself as All That Is.”  That is why he said, “I am the way.”  He did not mean, “I know the only thing that will get you there.”  He simply meant that you, in allowing yourself to know that everything you do is valid in the overall sense, are granting support and service and validity to the ultimate idea of the Creation itself, and recognizing your own equality to Godhood.  That is being the way.

Q:  You said something — and people kind of laughed when you said, “He didn’t say, I know the only way.”  But he did say:  “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father but through me.”

B:  Understand this as well, what you are calling your biblical literature contains less than 10% of what that individual ever said in his life; and what was even written down is very much misinterpreted, according to the understanding of when it was written.  Recognize that your Bible was not written to record history; it was written to convert.

Q:  Is the Bible not true?

B:  It is true for those individuals who wrote it, in the way they understood it.  But recognize that there is still much misinterpretation of what was actually said.

Q:  How do you know that?

B:  We are sensing into the mass consciousness, your higher levels of consciousness.  Now, we cannot expect you to take us at our word.  It is up to you to believe what you want, as we have said.  But we will discuss with you what we perceive to exist within your own higher consciousness, which knows itself to be equal to the idea of the Christ consciousness.  We can talk to it, and so can you.  We are simply here to let you know that you can talk to your own higher consciousness; and once you allow yourself to do so, you will find that it will tell you exactly what I am telling you now.



A long Q & A interaction:


 Q:  Are you and your people familiar with Christianity?

B:  To some degree.

Q:  Well, I believe in Jesus Christ as our savior…

B:   When you say you believe in Jesus Christ, what does that mean?

Q:  That means that I believe in a God who created the universe, including all of us, and that because we are all sinners, Jesus…

B:  One moment!  You believe you are a sinner?

Q:  Yes.

B:  What is a sinner?   Will you define this for me?  I understand the concept of sin, but have not heard the concept from you.  Would you, therefore, define the concept of “sinner” for me in your own way — as it relates to how you see yourself?

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