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10  (Spiritual) Fundamentals of all truly Harmonious and Flourishing Relationships

The main essential purpose of any relationship is to reflect to all the others in the relationship what they need to learn, understand and grow in order to become more of themselves, more of their True/Core Natural Authentic Selves*!

* – [which is most probably somewhere along the lines of: Unconditionally: Loving, Supportive, Allowing, Happy, Relaxed, Forgiving, Humble, Expansive, Passionate, Enthusiastic, Child-like-Playful, Spontaneous, Imaginative, Creative, Determined, Compassionate, Empathic, Integral, No fixed expectations or attachments..]


Harmonious RelationShips are the result of Inner Alignment*, Love and deep Respect for Ourselves and Others.

The sustained focus and determination towards one’s own personal evolution, growth and the becoming of more of your true natural self (by having high clarity and awareness about your own psyche, as the (conscious or unconscious) Beliefs and Definitions), thus perpetually learning, expanding, becoming the more of your True Natural Self, is an intrinsic aspect of any harmonious and constructive relationship!

The more ‘Self-Complete’, and more of your Natural Authentic Self You are, the more likely to attract similar Individuals as mirroring reflections, which is obviously a wonderful reflection and experience to have.

* – [Inner Alignment (as the first ideal fundamental step towards any harmonious relationship) = discovering, clarifying and knowing who You really are, and how you Define and Create yourself to Be (your unique Individuality, Personality/Psyche (as your: conscious and subconscious: Beliefs, Definitions (resulting in: Fears, Boundaries, Preferences, Wishes, Dreams, Spiritual / Creative / Artistic / Expressive talents, etc.), unique inclinations and the chosen themes of exploration in life)]


Total Honesty and Openness – Being fully honest and open, allows the Other(s) in the relationship to know who You truly are (in that moment);

Not withholding any comment or information in order to avoid hurting the Other(s) – because You cannot always know or predict what can hurt the Others, or how They will react to your honesty, therefore, is best to stop assuming responsibility for the Other’s own life and evolutionary path (as: their own perceptions, emotions, reactions) reflected towards your honest and non-manipulative communications. Open the entire article/material →

the 3 fundamental educational basics

There are three main, largely unknown, fundamental and essential educational concepts, that can provide a very strong, efficient and natural foundation for all common learning and educational endeavors.

 But before going further and exposing those three concepts, there is also an important premise useful to be reminded here as well, which is the idea that: it might be very beneficial, to be fully conscious of the fact that, the use of the gentlest possible touch in all your teaching and educational endeavors, is always the most harmonious and constructive approach to be used.

 And so, furthermore, do allow in their education the following 3 main essential and fundamental concepts:

number one:
Choices & their consequences, in

safe environments

Teach them interactively in safe environments (through ‘hands-on’ scenarios and interactions conceived by using the adult’s child-like imagination), how to make choices, and what the consequences of their choices and actions actually are – and it’s important to do that through methodologies or systems that are truly interactive and more representative of actual activities in the world, so they can better learn by actually doing, and thus to experience the consequences of their choices, and examine the possibilities, and make the choices that would benefit them, that are in alignment with who they deem themselves to be.

And quite obviously, this should not at all be about generating limiting fears or phobias, but about generating discernment – quite similar to the watching of a movie.

This will also lead to a greater awareness and realization of the following second fundamental:
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The ‘Purpose’ of Life and of Existence – and about being yourSelf

 The only true ‘purpose’/”mission”/goal in Existence is to become more of yourSelf, to be who You really are, to the best that You can be – to be this You You are Now, in the Best Possible Way you Can Know How to Be! More simply put: to fully be whoever you are in this life, to the best of the ability You have determined that You can be that You.


And the true Natural Ideal You, is most likely: Gloriously Child-Like Playful, Spontaneous, Passionate, Creative, Imaginative, Free, Expansive, Courageous, Harmonious, Compassionate, Appreciative, Supportive, Unconditional Loving – as our True Natural ‘Core’ State of Being – who and what We really are in our Divine essence.

 It is also about leaving the idea of wanting to be ‘normal’ behind and allowing things to be natural! and thus, following the cleanest, dearest and most integrated instincts available.

And also about increasing our perspective and understanding of ourSelves more deeply; understanding and remembering more of Who We truly and fundamentally are (as an aspect of Infinite Creation and Infinite Potentiality), Learning to use that in a daily pragmatical and practical application, benefiting from the results of that insight and that perspective, and Growing and Experiencing more Creativity, Joy, Appreciation and Abundance as a result.

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Game for growing Empathy and TelEmpathy


1. One Individual Imagines, Pictures, Sees, Vibrates-Emanates one of the following four shapes: a Triangle, a Square, a Circle or a Spiral;

2. The Other(s) Individual(s) guess the shape (by using the Intuition, “the gut feeling”, the Love, the Empathy (towards the Emanator of the shape, and in general));

3. When the TelEmpathy act does function flawlessly in this way, then You can add some colors to the shapes (initially starting with a small variety of color choices) to make the ‘link’ more precise and fine-tuned!

That’s all! Straight and Simple!  Do Enjoy!


P.S. also, some great Empathy/Telempathy ‘sessions’ can also be played-out with various Animal species, especially with the species that are naturally more sensitive, such as Dolphins, Cats, even Reptiles, Insects & Others, and also really with some more Attentive/Present/Lovingly Dogs as well! 😉

You can do that when there is enough Love and silence around, and by first trusting that the animal is highly receptive to your thought patterns & imagination, and You are then “seeing the world through it’s eyes”!


High Blessings of Joy, True Excitement, Sublime Bliss, Majestic Empathy and Divine Love ahead!

A complete understanding of: Empathy and TelEmpathy (as in “telepathy”) picture

 It is most probable that You’ve observed that the Individuals who are in Love with each other, find themselves thinking the same thoughts, or thinking about each other at the same time, or finishing each other’s sentences. And it’s really not that that they are ‘reading’ each other’s minds.

 When Individuals are in a state of Unconditional Love (towards the Other), by resonating on the same bandwidth and frequency, then They will automatically receive the same frequencies broadcasted by the Universe in the form of Thoughts, Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition.1

 Empathy is really an identification with Someone else, so that you create the same patterns within Yourself, sometimes in an amplified form, identifying your frequency with their frequency and thus having the same thoughts and inspirations at the same time.


– TelEmpathy is an Emotionally activated experience – not mentally activated;

 – Energetically and vibrationally activated (not mentally activated);

 – Mentally translated (not mentally activated);


 That is why scientists are befuddled when they try to test it in the lab in such stringent conditions that they do not allow emotions in, thus they have negated the one factor that actually makes it work.


(Tel)Empathy usually works way better when enough energy is present in the body, when it is associated with deep breathing and heart centering/coherence exercises!


  Here also, it might also be beneficial to mention/remember the fact that: nobody can really read nobody else’s mind or thoughts unless that Person chooses to (by his or her Beliefs, Definitions and Conscious or Unconscious Choices) 2 !

“Every Individual is a particular Frequency, a particular Vibration, when you are Unconditionally Loving of another Individual, You begin to identify very strongly with them. That is called the ‘bond of Attraction’ or the ‘bond of Love’.” – Bashar

Extended Information:

Our Heart, with every beat, actually gives-off an electromagnetic pulse that leaves the body at the speed of light. 186.300 miles/sec.

We all give off these bubbles of electromagnetic energy with every beat of the Heart!, every single one of Us, and that it moves outward, enveloping everyone at the speed of light; We are All immersed in each other heart-bubbles, all the time. Most Communication with each Other and Telempathy happens through the Heart Vibration, and not through the mind!


  E.T. First-Contact Specialist & Ambassador: ‘Bashar‘, talking about his race:

“The unconditional love and support that we have for each other is what allows us to always be telepathically in contact with each other all the time.  Creative and loving relationships will always begin to exhibit a form of telepathy.  But you see, telepathy is not literally “reading each others minds.”  Every individual is a particular frequency, a particular vibration, when you are unconditionally loving of another individual you begin to identify very strongly with them. That is called the bond of attraction or the bond of love.

When you identify strongly enough your frequency begins to match their frequency; it does not become exactly identical but it becomes very similar.  When both of your frequencies are very similar you translate information in the same form of thoughts.  In other words, you identify so strongly that you think alike.  When you are truly engaged in an exchange of unconditional love you start thinking alike at the same time.

When you have the same kind of thoughts at the same time and you think you’re reading each others mind, you’re not;  it is not so much the idea of extracting information from each other, it is mirroring each other very closely.  “


1. the Universe is constantly, at all times, broadcasting really All the Information that it Exists in All the Infinity of time and space and consciousness, information about Everything that it Exists (in All Dimensions of time and space and consciousness), constantly broadcasting at all times, making it fully accessible to everyone that tunes to any relevant specific frequency  ^^^


2. nobody really can negatively influence your reality without You fully Choosing to Experience that version of Reality (in full accord with All the Individuals involved in that Situation/Experience (which is previously fully chosen as part of the Theme(s) of Exploration in Life or/and in Dreams-time (to serve on the personal path of Exploration and Growth))) ^^^


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