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Game for growing Empathy and TelEmpathy


1. One Individual Imagines, Pictures, Sees, Vibrates-Emanates one of the following four shapes: a Triangle, a Square, a Circle or a Spiral;

2. The Other(s) Individual(s) guess the shape (by using the Intuition, “the gut feeling”, the Love, the Empathy (towards the Emanator of the shape, and in general));

3. When the TelEmpathy act does function flawlessly in this way, then You can add some colors to the shapes (initially starting with a small variety of color choices) to make the ‘link’ more precise and fine-tuned!

That’s all! Straight and Simple!  Do Enjoy!


P.S. also, some great Empathy/Telempathy ‘sessions’ can also be played-out with various Animal species, especially with the species that are naturally more sensitive, such as Dolphins, Cats, even Reptiles, Insects & Others, and also really with some more Attentive/Present/Lovingly Dogs as well! 😉

You can do that when there is enough Love and silence around, and by first trusting that the animal is highly receptive to your thought patterns & imagination, and You are then “seeing the world through it’s eyes”!


High Blessings of Joy, True Excitement, Sublime Bliss, Majestic Empathy and Divine Love ahead!


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