Fear, Phobias and Anxiety - a Thorough Understanding of

A quite complete and full-circle definition of Fear, Phobias and Anxiety:

All fears are a reaction to something Believed or Defined to be true; a Belief in a potential reality that is not preferred and not in alignment with who and what You truly Prefer to Be (the greater You!) – a Belief or a Definition that allows You to experience reality in this particular emotional (fearful) way.

Fear is not at all meant to be buried,  ideally quite the opposite: it should be felt, invited, to be as powerful as it possibly can be, because when someone is dealing with issues of a great magnitude, the faster and easier it will be to transform those fears.

You can let yourself dive into the fear, process it and then You will know through your feelings, through your emotionality what it is about yourself that you are learning through that fear.

A specific type of fear (like a phobia for example) can be a big clue to what the Definition You have “bought into”. So, use your fear to serve You, and the more that You become aware that that’s what fear can be used for, the more excited and curious You’ll become about fear when You experience it, and the more quickly thus You will transform the fear into curiosity, imagination and inspiration!

Fear can also be seen like a sour key on a piano, that can be correctly tuned by first finding the Definition that allows You to experience the ‘flat key’, and then by changing to a new positive Definition, bringing it thus back into harmony with the rest of the keys.

Colloquially, it is completely alright to be afraid, however, being afraid of being afraid is what usually stops many Individuals from doing certain actions. Most often than not, Individuals do not allow themselves to feel and be in touch with feelings that would help them integrate themselves (by discovering and transforming those limiting Beliefs and Definitions) because they are afraid of being afraid. You can be afraid and still do what You want; being afraid does not stop You from doing what you want; being afraid of being afraid is what can stop You.

Fear is the exact same energy as joy, but is filtered through belief systems that are out of alignment with the true core (Divine) self.

Also, fear is one of the emotions that allow you to vibrate at a pitch that has to do  with the ego’s preservation of the physical body for the fulfillment of  the purpose of being physical. It can be  generated in a positive and negative sense:
– Positive fear will simply be  the idea of the physical preservation in this way.
– Negative fear will  be the lack of willingness to know the self.


“Allow us to remind you, first of all, that anxiety and excitement are the same energy. But when you feel it as anxiety, it is because you are not trusting the excitement, you are not trusting the flow of your energy, you are not trusting that the universe works. When you put conditions and invalidations on the excitement, it turns into what you call anxiety. It is only the negative pole of the same energy that you often feel as knowingness, or excitement.” – Bashar


“Remember that you cannot experience a reality you are not the vibration of. Wake up and live the reality you prefer. Become a conscious creator because you are one consciousness. What you call subconsciousness and unconsciousness are simply convenient terms for things you do not want to face. But if you understand the following there is absolutely no reason to fear anything unknown; there is absolutely nothing you could ever discover about yourself that cannot be applied in a positive way, if that is what you choose to do.” – Bashar




Hat tip to Bashar the ET Friend and Ambassador for the clarity and the definitions in this most of this material!


P.S. Anyone into updating the Wikipedia article on ‘fear’?

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