Psychological Depression Clarified[hupso]

 Depression has two fundamental root factors (that can even reciprocally amplify one another):

1. Psychological
2. Physical


1. The Psychological factor :

Is the most prevalent one, stemming from: conscious or unconscious: negative / limitive / fearful: Beliefs and Definitions* that are not serving the Individual anymore;

* [that subsequently generate: Emotions, Sentiments and Thoughts, Actions, Reactions and Self-fulfilling prophecies]


Here are some examples of very popular (conscious or unconscious) negative / limitive / fearful Beliefs and Definitions:

– being a victim of circumstances;
– that there is no precise cause and effect in the Universe;
– that others can have power over You without your permission;
– that the Universe is a random and dangerous place to be in;
– that only certain persons or things can bring you happiness;
– unworthiness of Love and Abundance, etc.

Psychological depression main purpose is that of: going within (in the conscious/unconscious/subconscious mind) to discover and ‘bring to surface’ those limitive and fearful beliefs & definitions holding back the Individual.

If depression is being judged as being something negative, then it is much less likely that any positive results/outcomes may result from it.

 For an even clearer picture, below I’ve included some quotes by a first-contact specialist and E.T. Ambassador: Bashar, who has clearly defined the concept in great detail in many of his communications:

“An assimilation point, a collection point, a gathering of yourself together. Understand that in many cases this is what you term to be depression, but when you become judgmental of your depression, it turns into a negative idea. Understand that the idea of depression is withdrawing to the place you know the answers to be, rather than outside yourself — which is only an illusion in that sense.”

“Simply the idea that what you are calling depression is: when you know you cannot find the answers outside yourself then you go to where you know they are: within. It is judged because your society tells you that if you are not strong enough to handle life, if you are anti-social by withdrawing, then that is a bad thing. It is a natural thing, and it only becomes negative when you judge it.”

“Remember: it is natural, natural, NATURAL when you know you cannot find what you need in the reflection of the external outside world, it is natural for you to draw within.  This is not negative depression, as you have defined it, it is only negative and becomes lonely and isolating when you define it as a negative, as an unnatural thing, as something being wrong.  It is compression; it is going to where you know the information is, in the center of yourself.  It is GOING within the crucible to restructure, re-identify, redefine what you are.  And to thus thereafter emerged as a new being, like a butterfly from the chrysalis.  Spread new wings of beautiful vibrant color, flap them and fly.  This is what going within is all about.  It is natural without judgments… allowance.  It is a creative act of rebirth, giving birth to yourselves, over and over and over again — infinitely, for change is the only constant that really exists within the manifested reality of your world.”

“Depression is meditation — again, judged. The idea that when you know you cannot find the answers outside yourself, you go to where you know they are: within.” 

“Recognize each and every time you emerge from your so-called depression, you are quite a new person, literally!”


 2. Physiological:

Stemming from:

– low oxygenation and low hydration levels,

– low energy levels/vitality,

– low intra-cellular electrical conductivity,

– high toxicity in the body,

-hormone imbalance in the brain and body,

– high acidity, disease,

– use of alcohol and chemical ‘depressants’,

– improper energetic alignment (chakras, etc.)

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All quotations in this material are attributed to Bashar, the ET Ambassador and first-contact specialist. Go or on youtube for more.



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