Feminine and Masculine Polaritie Clarified and Defined image

First, a very relevant idea here, is that, each individual Soul, contains both polarities in equal measure, and both polarities can be fully expressed by the individual, however, usually, the polarity that is represented by the physical body’s physical sex that the individual chooses (pre-incarnation) to be born with, will is in most cases, be predominantly and more easily expressed in life.

Also, both polarities are present and manifesting in each Individual in ways and proportions that are most efficiently appropriate for the Individual’s chosen themes of exploration in life.

Being aware of, and knowing how to use both energetic polarities when necessary  (as in: “androgyny”), is one of the most powerful ‘fundamentals’ in the evolution, growth and expansion of the Individual.


And so, simply put, the energetic (archetypal representations of energy) are:

The Feminine:

  • nurturing;
  • vulnerability, acceptance;
  • inwardly, knowingness (inspiration, intuition..), receptivity (as the ‘negative’ in the yin-yang symbol*);


The Masculine:

  • commandment, assuredness, conviction, assertiveness, aggressiveness (but not in the negative sense);
  • outwardly, expression (as the ‘positive’ in the yin-yang symbol*);

 * – [this is just one of the popular interpretations of the Yin-Yang symbol, which, in essence, is much more representative of the aspects of: Creation-Light, and: destruction-darkness, of the Universe – see this material for an in-depth clarification)

Any of the listed aspects/energies, when in excess, can become detrimental/negative.


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