Carnivore vs. Vegan Debate ImageBringing deeper understanding and balance in and around the Veganism vs. Carnism debate 

The first premise:
There are approximately 5 main types of ‘players’, categorized here below in a very loose and simplistic fashion:

1. Radical Carnivore / Omnivore

– potentially still needing denser protein foods for optimal sustenance (because of: generations-old DNA programming, belief-structures, or/and toxins lodged in the body, appealing to(/increasing the craving for) a denser-vibrational spectrum of foods);

– some are believing that no substitutes can ever replace the meat’s taste and texture they are so in love or/and accustomed with;

– some are fearing that their lifestyle is under threat by radical vegans and veganism (who might one day take over the World) – can be seen on online forums and groups, militaristically and desperately defending their lifestyle choices, by using mostly unscientific facts, unfounded theories, or just by trolling.


2. Moderate Omnivore, moderate Carnivore

– many are open to someday becoming a type 3 or type 4;

– usually, not very engaged in online debates;


3. Reducetarian/Transitarian, Vegetarian or Pesco-Vegetarian

– usually having the most conciliatory and tolerant view about both sides of the debate;

– less likely to fancy themselves being a type 5;


4. Moderate Vegan

– quite close to type 5, but much more tolerant and less verbose;


5. Radical Vegan warrior

– many of them are carry the belief that, the meat eaters are some vicious monsters killing the planet, torturing animals and suiciding themselves at the same time, by eating foods that are unfit for human consumption;

– most times very self-driven and verbose about promoting the cause.



With the advent of more and more sometimes quite heated debates regarding the topic of this article, and also because, so far, in any of those debates, I haven’t seen properly expressed and put together into clear perspective the points I am about to make, and also the idea that, negatively-judgmental blaming and the pointing of fingers (quite very popular in the vegan ‘camp’ those days), is certainly not the most ideal conduit or solution – and thus, all those ideas together, intensely stimulated me to create this material, with the aim to help bring balance and understanding into this very ‘trendy’ debate, and also bring forth some aspects that are still unacknowledged by most of the population and put them into proper perspective, aspects that can help all sides fully reconcile and harmoniously settle this debate possibly once and for all.

Even though nowadays more and more scientific studies are pointing out the fact that, generally, meat eating is not very healthy for the majority of individuals, and also many scientific clues point out the fact that we are really naturally fruitarians and plant eaters, and not even a bit of omnivores as has it been generally believed before, few people realize the fact that, there are still a large number of individuals who clearly can not tolerate properly a fully vegan or vegetarian diet, individuals that are certainly still needing this type of high density food regimen for their sustenance, and that is happening mainly because of the fact that, for many generations human diet has been largely based on high density animal products and so, this is still reflected in the belief structure and the genetic DNA inheritance of certain individuals, and thus, until the full transformation their conscious and unconscious beliefs, definitions, emotionality and DNA consequently, about what is in fact necessary for their sustenance, a complete transition to a vegan based diet can sometimes really be quite detrimental.

 Buffalo Being Hunted

 Also another aspect that can help diminish the judgmental aspect in this debate is the fact that, many native cultures who were deeply connected to nature and very wise in their relationship with it and energy in general, have sometimes been using animal sustenance for their nutritional needs, but they were doing it with great respect and appreciation for that animal that they were sacrificing, and were doing it in a ritualistic way, blessing that animal and that species, and also thanking the animal for it’s offering (because their belief was that nothing happens at random, and that animal has also fully agreed, in dreams time or in spirit, to be sacrificed) and they were thanking nature and the universe as well, for that precious gift – blessing and gratitude conduits which have been confirmed by modern scientific studies to have a powerfully beneficial effect over foods and liquids, making them much more vibrationally and nutritionally compatible with the individual that is blessing it.


On the other hand, in our societies, things are quite radically different from the indigenous ideal natural ways, where, except for the organically-grown ones, most animals are being injected with massive and many times excessive doses of antibiotics and steroidal hormones, which are well known to get transferred to humans when the animal is consumed – not to mention the ‘fishy’ (pun intended) foods that many animals are being fed with, like for example cows being fed with fecal matter from poultry, GMO soybeans, minced fishbones and even crushed scrap candies – and all adding to the fact that, the way in which most of the farm animals are grown and sacrificed in the industrialized farming environments, are very disharmonious, cruel and plainly downright primitive – and furthermore, their states of miserable existence and scared or/and painful dying and the adrenaline and the cortisol secreted in the bloodstream (because of this stress in their lives and their fearful or painful death), is also getting transferred to the individual consuming it – and I still haven’t mentioned yet all the crazy chemical cocktails and processes that are being applied to certain meat-based products.

 Plants that regrow image

Subsequently, it might also be useful to bring here forth a popular aspect and argument used by many Individuals in various online debates, the fact that, plants also do feel pain and have an individualized sentient consciousness as well, facts clearly proven by numerous modern studies, however, most probably, most fruits and vegetables do not mind and even benefit many times from the fact that their fruits are being consumed (instead of just rotting on the ground) and the seeds are being spread even further in this manner – and similarly, the annual grains and the perennial legumes obviously benefit as well from their quite symbiotic relationship with humans – and there are even many plants that easily regrow all the time if their roots are left in the ground, or if parts of them are replanted.


Additionally, another interesting aspect worth mentioning here, is the idea that, although many carnists say that, the taste and texture of meat is irreplaceable or un-comparable, most longer-time vegans state that, if they wouldn’t have made the switch and went on a delicious-vegan-recipes-and-ingredients-finding journey and left the quite limited classical ‘meat+something’ recipes regimen, they wouldn’t had discovered this immense, astounding and extremely delightful variety of tastes, textures and combinations that they are now blissfully savoring.

And now really, as an example, when you look on a good large-picture vegan recipes book, or a (Pinterest) pictures gallery with vegan-only recipes, it’s very improbable not to realize the fact that, to think that the vegan foods are potentially lacking aspects such as: texture, taste, aroma, fill-up-factor, or any type of sustenance factors, is actually really representative of either: limiting beliefs, refusal or fear to explore the new, or any other potential deep ingrained  fear (such as for example: of not being able to derive nutrition and sustenance from it, of not being able to find delightful recipes, of being too expensive, etc. etc. – whereas in fact, actually quite nothing is more “expensive” than a life lived in low vibration, low vitality, consequent low passion for things in life, low inspiration or intelligence, and a high potential disease probability).

Vegan Meats Image
Furthermore, for any potential obstinate nostalgias, there are now numerous companies and startups producing plant-based meat, some with identical or even better taste as reported by many individuals – and some of them are even waaay more nutritious and compatible to the human body than meat is – and I’ve even seen now a very popular street-corner vegan ‘butchery’ selling dozens of sortiments of meat replicas, some stating that they even surpass the original in aroma, texture and nutrients.


And the last but not the least important intrinsic aspect in this material,  it is the idea of the massive pollution and resource depletion caused by industrialised farming, idea which is one of the main causes for which some activists and vegans go bezerk in their activism and debates. And they certainly do have a point, although, it could certainly be expressed in a way less desperate and accusatory way, and potentially as such, much more fruitful.

In this material I will not list the numerous and mind-shattering massive negative effects that industrialised farming has, because they are too many and even potentially depressing for some individuals, but all those negative aspects are already very clearly and intelligently presented in the article links I’ve put beneath this video – for whomever may want to properly do their homework. here , here and here


Going Veg tips
And so, we’ve come to the last part of this material, which is about tips and ideas offered to those who may want to smoothly transition to, or are already practicing a vegan or vegetarian diet, helping them optimize and to fine-tune it in the most beneficial, healthy, intelligent and harmonious way possible.


The main idea here is that, many of the potential challenges encountered by individuals in their vegan or vegetarian pursuits can be overcome by the very simple principles and ideas here presented forth:

  1. for a better absorption, smaller portions and the more dissociated/mono ingredients, the better;
  2. the aiming for the purest, freshest and most nutritious ingredients;
  3. aiming to eat as organically as possible – organic foods, besides the fact that they are not contaminated with numerous chemicals, they are also much more nutritious in all aspects (minerals, vitamins, amino acids, monatomic elements);
  4. observing and applying the food combination guidelines;
  5. aiming to get deeply in touch with the body’s consciousness telling you what is really needed, and thus also avoiding any potential compulsive eating, or the eating for ‘plugging certain holes’ representative of potential psychological or emotional lackings;
  6. realising that the idea of a high protein intake requirement is greatly inflated by the meat & dairy industry through the paid media and the medical establishment, and sustained by the “ignorant collective” – when in reality, our protein needs are much lower than what is popularly thought and promoted – protein existing in more than enough quantities in vegan produce as well – and potentially useful here to observe the fact that, the most muscular, massive and powerful animals on the planet are similarly vegan as well;
  7. realizing that the quality and the compatibility with the human body of various types of carbohydrates, can differ very radically – always aiming for the cleanest possible carbohydrates (low glycemic index, non-gmo, fresh, organic);
  8. aim to go somewhere in between:
    75% carbohydrates / 15% fats / 10% proteins, and:
    90% carbohydrates / 5% fats / 5% proteins ideally;
  9. believing and trusting that you can and do easily find/attract very clean and vital ingredients;
  10. detoxing the body as often as possible;
  11. deeply exploring the conscious and subconscious belief structure, and redefining any potential limiting beliefs regarding veganism;
  12. eating only when hungry – not eating extra just because of any potential fears that there is not enough energy or sustenance in those plant foods – or that they do not feel as fill-uppers as the meat-products do, etc. – and being aware of the fact that, the less you stress yourself and the more that you live life by following your highest excitements and passions as much as possible with no fixed expectations, and the more you apply dream-like positive qualities to the experience of life, you will thus receive energy exactly as in the sleep-dreams-time and thus the less food sustenance you will need;
  13. if any imbalance or energetical depletion is being experienced, a thorough testing of body’s mineralogical and enzymatic content is highly recommended;
  14. If the body-weight is a challenging factor, by applying all the guidelines above, will automatically cancel-out any real need for any calorie restrictions.



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