Highest and most Powerful form of Blessing

As suggested by an endeared First Contact Specialist and E.T. Ambassador during a recent transmission/communication, the most efficient modality of Blessing Others and Yourself it is the following:

Blessing/Imagining/Seeing the Individual(s) as living their highest Excitement, Passion and Joy each moment (to the best of their ability (with full Integrity and (detached) zero expectations on how exactly the outcome should be))! as the true ideal natural and highest vibrational state of being.

This is a very powerful methodology (‘permission-slip’) that has an immense power of transforming the entire Humanity in a very quick time if it is practiced often, and thus propagates/ripples this ‘blessing vibration’ (through your Vibration and your Heart that is always speaking (through electromagnetic bubbles (traveling on all the globe wit the speed of light)) to all the Hearts of Humanity)!

For more info surrounding the topic, you can research more about the idea of “heart coherence” and the global studies and measurements of the “Heartmath Institute“.




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