Inspirational list of Gratitude reasons

There are many (scientifically documented and statistically studied) reasons for living and being as often as possible in a high vibration/state of authentic and very profound Gratitude, reasons that most probably, I am going to enumerate in a future material on this website (so, to be updated: get connected (through RSS, by Subscribing, or Social Media)).

Until then, you can savor the list below:


A few Reasons:

– the moments of peace, relaxation, self-pampering;

– the Water and any other Life-Sustaining Liquids;

– the personal Talents, Inclinations, Gifts and personal Expressions;

– the Foods on the table (ideally as well: Thanking and Blessing those specific species of Plants/Animals that You are eating / ecstatically savouring);

– the (clean) air and for the goodness of Deeeep and Relaxed Breathing/Oxygenation;

– your senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch..);

– the roof over your head and the bed that You sleep in;

– the Positive/Constructive Ideas and Inspirations that come to your mind;

– the Computer(s) working (properly / smooth);

– the Internet;

– living in a World with so much Helpful Technology;

– the Knowledge, Information and Awareness You have Attracted/Discovered/Revealed (into your Experience);

– the past Experiences, Lessons, Teachings, questions answered in Life and what have You Become;

– other Individuals/Friends/Animals as Teachers/Friends, Mirrors and Eyes of Creation, and the conscious Interactions/Mirrors/Empathy/TelEmpathy by/with Them;

– the future Peace, Joy, Health, Prosperity, Inspiration, Creativity, Love, Empathy (that You Believe, Trust and viscerally Know that you really Deserve (just because of the fact that You Exist, and the Universe does not really make any mistakes or imprecise things));

– the great Body Care/Pampering products that exist nowadays (and even that the toilet paper has been invented πŸ™‚ );

– the fine Weather;

– the Animal friends;

– the movies and books attracted (for your own (and collective) growth, explorations of certain ideas and perspectives and specific interests (sometimes just to discover what it is not preferred, in order to know better what is preferred, what it is preferably attracted);

– the recently shopped/paid goods and services;

– the good Sleep and Dreams sessions;

– the Peace, the Joy, the Miracles and Synchronicities in your Life;

– Humanity’s Diversity (and the many things that can be learned from);

– the majestic scenery, energy and beauty of Nature (& the rainbows πŸ™‚ );

– all the great tools in your Life (electric appliances, kitchen and bath tools, umbrellas, etc.);

– the (cuddly) clothes;

– the Love-making pleasure and blissful Orgasms;

– the Moments of Joy, Passion, Creativity;

– any future reality/situation/object that you will get to/have in the future – (knowing that you implicitly fully deserve that reality/experience/object);

– your smooth riding bicycle;

– for the Gratitude reminders in your Life;

– having Discovered πŸ˜‰ ;

P.S.Β the use of a gratitude journal, or a simple daily practice as a fixed habit could prove to be some tremendously powerful toolsΒ that can be used for raising the vibration, or for better attracting positive and preferred realities


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