More about this website and the story behind it’s inception.

A concept envisioned and created by Luke Pranay .


An areal of Discovery, True personal Power, Understandings, High Vibration, Peace, Joy, Elation, Enthusiasm, Passion, Excitement, Creativity, Art, Beauty, Harmony, (tel)Empathy, Unconditionally Lovingly, the Becoming More that We Can Be!

Presenting Undiluted and easily comprehensible Tools & ‘Permission-Slips’ as: Ideas, Perspectives and Methodologies that can Help and Assist in the Creation of a true ‘Heaven on Earth’ on all levels of the Society and the Individual.

Also Aware that: We have accessible and ‘at hand’ right Now all the necessary ‘ingredients’ as Knowledge and Tools that can take all this Planet and it’s Inhabitants from deep darkness, limitation and destruction paradigm towards a ‘fully-blown Heaven on Earth’ state in just a few short years time, or even faster, if enough added Integrity, Unity in diversity, Trust, Positive Beliefs, Clarity, Determination, No fixed expectation, Sharing, Charity, (Tel-)Empathy and true Unconditional Love is added to the Mix.


After approximatively 15 years of very very deeply ‘digging’ through immense amounts of information and knowledge for healing myself of a particular imbalance (that the classical allopathic(western) medicine really had no idea how to fully cure), and that cumulated as well with a profound spiritual experience I’ve had when I was about 21 years young, an experience that radically changed my life and lead to the almost perpetual desire to Help & Assist Humanity by Sharing all my gathered Knowledge, Methodologies and Tools to Assist towards the Creation & Revealing of a true ‘Heaven on Earth’ on all levels of Society and the Individual…

… and all that, while also coming to the realization that quite Everything in the Universe is fully Inter-connected and Inter-dependent and that all Knowledge and Tools are similarly Interconnected on a particular level and can be much more efficiently understood and applied when they are being put through a ‘full-circle’ Integral and Holistic prism of Understanding; and that the more You Understand the Universe through this Integral-Holistic perspective, the more Easy, Effortless, Beautiful, Harmonious, Exciting and really Ecstatic Life can Be… for All!… so, in order to put together and Share in a very ergonomic and comprehensible form as much as I can of the enormous amounts of Holistic Knowledge, Tools, Methodologies, Ideas and Perspectives and complete Understandings gathered throughout my journeys, I made this portal/website.

Do Enjoy!

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“It is highly feasible to take care of all of humanity at a higher standard of living, without having anyone profit at the expense of another, so everybody can enjoy the whole earth.” – Buckminster Fuller


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