Positive and negative energies clearly defined

‘positive’ Energy = Love, Creation, Resonance

It Integrates, Unifies, makes Whole, Harmonious / in Alignment Vibration – Integrative, Geometrically Expansive and Accelerative

‘negative’ Energy = guilt, destruction, dissonance, fear

Is segregative, separative, disconnective, discordant, spirals downward and leads to compartmentalization, isolation and forgetfulness


The Universe fully contains: both the “positive”, and the “negative”, literally and scientifically: in Infinite measures!

The more each Individual evolves spiritually (in the never-ending process of Expansion/Assimilation) the more, unavoidably, it Discovers More of/about both Sides of the Universe, the Positive and the Negative!

It’s about: in what Unique Version of the Infinite(and Holographic) Universe, We, Each, Choose to vibrationally attract ourselves into (by our own Vibration/Personality Structure/Physical Mind/Ego Mind, composed of: 1.Beliefs/Definitions,  2.Emotions/Thoughts and 3.Actions/Reactions(Physical or Mental)) !

Responsibility = ResponseAbility = the Ability to Respond, to make a Choice


“When You take responsibility You are at choice, You are self-empowered… You know You have the ability to choose, You are free to choose… that’s freedom… that’s self empowerment, that is also effortless alignment with the unconditional Love of the Infinite, and by being yourself that way, … .. is how You perform the best service to everyone else, because by being yourself, You then can share the gifts You have, spontaneously… creatively, and thus everyone benefits by You just being You.” – Bashar

‘response’ (seen from a (Meta)Physical perspective) is the willingness to believe that everything that happens in your life happens for a reason and to approach it that way and to give it that meaning, whether You may intellectually understand how that could be so or not, and to trust that it is so, and thus to act as it is so – and when You act as if it is so, You will get the reality that shows You it is so.


Also, it is certainly not about the ‘taking of any ‘blame’ (and judging yourself (or others)) for any “mistakes” in the past – but about assuming responsibility about the clarity over your own Beliefs and Definitions and Vibrational State in the Present Moment – because really, the Present Moment is the only one who can influence your Present Moment, which the past can not.

Also, potentially Useful to Realize that You are not at all Responsible for the Other, but You are Responsible towards the Other, in front of the Other, to Be the More that You can Be (and Become)!

Otherwise put:

“You are responsible to Them, but You are not responsible for them. And what They are choosing to be is their choice. The way You actually can assist Them best is by fully being the person You wish to be, regardless of what You see externally. ” – Bashar

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