Positive and negative energies clearly defined

‘positive’ Energy = Love, Creation, Resonance

It Integrates, Unifies, makes Whole, Harmonious / in Alignment Vibration – Integrative, Geometrically Expansive and Accelerative

‘negative’ Energy = guilt, destruction, dissonance, fear

Is segregative, separative, disconnective, discordant, spirals downward and leads to compartmentalization, isolation and forgetfulness


The Universe fully contains: both the “positive”, and the “negative”, literally and scientifically: in Infinite measures!

The more each Individual evolves spiritually (in the never-ending process of Expansion/Assimilation) the more, unavoidably, it Discovers More of/about both Sides of the Universe, the Positive and the Negative!

It’s about: in what Unique Version of the Infinite(and Holographic) Universe, We, Each, Choose to vibrationally attract ourselves into (by our own Vibration/Personality Structure/Physical Mind/Ego Mind, composed of: 1.Beliefs/Definitions,  2.Emotions/Thoughts and 3.Actions/Reactions(Physical or Mental)) !


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