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Very simply put, karma is what you and your higher-self attract in your experience to help you grow as an individual (by changing your belief structure, having less and less negative and limitive beliefs) and explore the themes you are (consciously or not) choosing to explore – also, speaking in vibrational physics terms, karma is about: alignment vs. not in alignment (with the natural positive flow of the Universe).


  •  a balancing act
  • simply representative to the idea of balance of energy and self-awareness and responsibility
  • the carrying through of a momentum to create a balanced experience
  • a ‘completion’ of an idea You decided (consciously or not) to be
  • completely self-imposed



“It is not a retribution; it is not a judgment. It is an indication of the continuation of your own choices and momentums to explore the polarities you wanted to explore in this particular life — to set the standards and the parameters that you wished to create in this life to become the individual you wanted to become.” – Bashar


“The karmic absolute is simply that the energy, once initiated, will carry through as a momentum; but how that plays itself out will depend upon the reasoning within any given life that requires that manifestation, and can use that manifestation to learn something from.” – Bashar


“There is no outside judgment, there is truly no outside. All of You are collectively all that is. Your idea of “Karma” is simply that sense of your own self-growth, that sense of your own self-purpose. There is no judgment imposed upon You from the outside; there is no ‘outside'” – Bashar


“Karma is broken when you realize that Karma is yours to break. That’s all it is. The realization that you are free from Karma – frees you from Karma. When you know that you are free to determine who you are at every moment, that recognition breaks the ‘karmic tie’.” – Bashar



(!advanced:) Also, wile you are non-physical, you will be aware of the idea that:

“Anytime you choose to project yourself, in a sense, in what you term to be any limiting dimensionality, you will create the limitations which will represent those ideas you need to experience in that reality. All those limitations are self-imposed, including totally your idea of Karma.”  – Bashar

Extended reading and more understanding (if necessary):


Transcripts extracted from some public interactions, where Bashar the ET First-Contact Specialist and Ambassador beautifully clarifies the concept for some Individuals that need clarification:


Talk 1:


Q:  If someone does something in one life, lifetime, that they see as being negative or harmful to other people, or themselves, or something like that…


B:  Yes.


Q:  … do they have to be reincarnated in another lifetime and…


B:  They do not have to be. You will simply find that because of the energy associated with the limitations you impose upon yourself in physical reality, you know that it may be the allowance of, let us say, a very quick way. For in this way, the degree of limitation you experience in physical reality will allow you to create those types of balances perhaps more quickly, in one sense, than you could in a non-physical reality – because of the concentration of effect that takes place in what you call physical reality. Do you follow me?


Q:  Yes.


B:  So you may decide to do it physically simply because that will be the way that will be, let us say, most conducive to the very rapid assimilation of the balance. In the same way that you created the imbalance.


Q:  But it doesn’t have to be that way. In other words…


B:  No, it does not have to be.


Q:  … if I murder somebody in one lifetime it doesn’t mean that I’m going to come back and be murdered in another life?


B:  That has happened many times, but again, it can be manifested in many different ways. Perhaps you will simply be of assistance to someone else who has had the same experience; and your willingness to interact with that individual will then be the balancing you require. For then you are giving yourself the opportunity to see what it is like from the other end of the emotional experience. And perhaps, that is what to you will constitute a balance – not so much the actual physiological act of being murdered. Though that has happened as well.


Q:  Can you give me any information about my past lifetimes and any karmic debts that I…


B:  Why do you assume that you have these debts? Why do you assume it is a debt, in that way, and not a choice?


Q:  Okay.


B:  Simply recognize that your willingness to know that you wish to create a balance of the polarities within you, in and of itself, is the removal of any so-called debt. Because you are now willing to be blended, to be balanced, to trust that the life you are living is the life you chose to live, and simply willing to act and function within service to All That Is.


The willingness to be of service, in that way, and the willingness to experience the life you chose to live, is the balancing of that idea, and the ceasing of the need to be reincarnated again. Do you follow me?


Q:  Yes, thank you.


B:  Thank you.


Talk 2:


Q:  I’m still kind of hung up on self-imposed karma.


B:  Hung up on self-imposed Karma!  Are you comfortable up there?


Q:  That’s what I’m wondering about. Is it self-imposed by the Higher Self, or this fragment of the self?


B:  Again, there are two types of free will, two types of recognition. The “Higher Self” who you are when you are in-between lives – because then, in a sense, there’s really no distinction at all between the Higher Self and you – chooses the general theme to represent the continuation of the momentum and the balance that is necessary to continue what you call the karma – which is only a representation of momentum.


The physical you you become utterly has the freedom to determine how you play that general theme out: positively/negatively, quickly/slowly, alone/with friends. You follow me?


Q:  I follow you.


B:  So the general themes you are exploring in your life generally will remain throughout the life. And that has been, in a sense, determined by the higher self you. But the way you go about it is utterly determined by the you you are now, here, this physical consciousness.


Q:  I see. But it seems to me like it’s different when you get to the point of the group consciousness karma. This isn’t something you can get over by yourself.


B:  But you are all doing it together. And you can still do your part at whatever rate you wish. Because as an individual, you can “accelerate” ahead of someone else, or stay behind someone else, and you still cut the average rate at which the entire group changes.


Q:  Okay, but—


B:  You don’t have to hold yourself back just because someone else might be choosing a particular rate. Yes, there is an overall average rate, but within that there’s an awful lot of leeway as to how quickly or slowly you can go as an individual. Because it will all average out.


Q:  Okay. One concept I’ve been dwelling on is the possibility that the group – if they…


B:  Oh, yes. Absolutely!


Q:  …any being that was involved in this has even transcended to fourth density, left third density? Or are they still locked up in third density?


B:  Not all, no.


Q:  Some have, without going through the group karma?


B:  Yes. But again, it will depend upon the reasons for why that individual has created what they have created, and what they have done has still added to the overall ability of your entire consciousness to go where it wishes to go.


Q:  Okay. I had heard on one of the tapes that someone had asked you – on the Ra Materials. Someone had said no one had ever left this density since Jesus’ time.


B:  That is simply an analogy to the idea that you have become extremely highly focused since that time. And you have elevated to slightly different lives, and have basically all decided to remain and return – because the transformation is so attractive and exciting. It is not so much that no one has been able to leave; it is that no one has wanted to. Because, well, as you say, you are where it’s at!


Your planet is going through such a strong transformation, that not only do the individuals on your world not necessarily want to leave because they want to be a part of it on some level – physical or nonphysical – but you have attracted the attention of thousands of other civilizations and dimensions of consciousness – to add to the momentum of the group karma of the transformation.


Q:  Okay. I gather right now we’re on… there’s one theme: the way out is the way through… We’re on the process now of going through…


B:  Yes.


Q:  Well, we were going to build up to a point of war, and decided not to have a war this time.


B:  There may be some small skirmishes, but you have already decided not to annihilate yourselves. That is long since past as a decision, even though many of you may not even realize it consciously. The decision has already been made.


Q:  I know you said not the planet, but that also means the civilization?


B:  It also means that.


Q:  Okay, thank you.


B:  Thank you very much. Sharing!


Talk 3:

Q:  Hello!


B:  Hello!


Q:  Regarding the laws that we agree to abide by within our universe: does functioning within your integrity mean living up to those agreements?


B:  It depends. The over-all agreements do not necessarily have to be restricting – something that you know represents your excitement and integrity can alter them in many ways. If they are then alterable – what you are referring to as “laws” – then that, in and of itself, may be a sign of your ability to express your integrity by being able to allow them to transform into something else.


Because when you are totally integrated as a whole, then there are fewer and fewer limiting specifics. You follow me? So the alteration of the so-called laws may actually be an expression of your integrity, in certain circumstances.


Q:  Suppose an individual were to go out and kill a hundred people because that’s what excites him? Suppose…


B:  But understand: the idea, again, is that “with integrity” means that you are functioning as an integrated being. Integration is functioning as a whole; meaning there is no separation between you and the beings you are killing.


In other words: the recognition that all murder is suicide. And if you wish to truly be empowered, then killing off those beings is like hacking off your own arms and legs. And that is not an expression of integrity or power.


And also, when you use the term excitement in that sense, usually you will find it is not precisely excitement that motivates individuals in that direction. It is the negative polarity of the same energy that creates excitement, but the negative polarity is usually expressed as anxiety. You follow me?


Q:  Yes. Suppose the victims agree to be victims?


B:  That does not excuse the perpetrator for not being strong enough to not fall into the victim’s game.


Q:  What would be the consequences, then of violation of integrity in this fashion?


B:  Perhaps you will create another scenario wherein you will have learned that the violation of integrity, in that sense, does not serve to empower you. And then you will express a lifetime, maybe, or an experience, where you will be the expression of integrity.


Some individuals may choose to have other individuals attempt to violate them as a sort of quid pro quo exchange. That is not necessary all the time. An individual who murders an individual in one life does not necessarily have to be murdered in another life, although many have sought the balance in that way.


An individual can, perhaps, talk someone out of murdering someone else, and fulfill the same balance. Do you follow me? But the overall idea, of course, on a very fundamental level, is that to the Oversoul all experiences are learning experiences.


And since you truly are infinite and indestructible – no matter what you have done – whether it be positive or negative, whether it be an expression of integrity or an expression of lack of integrity, you will still exist, you will still learn. You will still grow, you will still change, you will still have new experiences.


So in the overall sense it does not really much matter what you have done. But it is simply up to you to understand that your own life, with the expression of integrity, will be far more joyful, far more connected, far more effortless. And you will be able to create, without any struggle whatsoever, all that you desire.


In expressing lack of integrity, you will find that an individual who does that will struggle, will suffer, will feel powerless, will feel out of control, and will create many, many, many versions of their own expression of negativity within themselves. And not allow them to enjoy life. You follow me?


Q:  Yes. Is self-imposed karma, then, a way to balance out the integrity agreements?


B:  Sometimes, although again, karma, being completely self-imposed, does not have to manifest in a retribution-style manifestation. Again, the analogy that karma itself is simply the carrying through of a momentum to create a balanced experience.


Again, if you have been a murderer in one life, your self-imposed karma does not insist that you be murdered in the next life to atone for that. You may be able to assist someone either who has had someone close to them murdered, or someone who wants to murder – you may be able to talk them out of it. And that will be just as much of an expression of your balance and karmic imposition as being murdered. And many times just being murdered is not necessarily a true balance.


Q:  The balance is something that’s like an absolute that has to be maintained, but the karma does not. That’s something that you don’t have to have, if you don’t have that belief system. Correct?


B:  In a sense, correct. But the idea simply is, in the fundamental understanding of karma, is that you’ll usually – since you are a collective event – balance the idea out somewhere within your experience, on some level. And that is all karma really is – is simply the overall recognition of all the balances that you are, all the polarities that you are.


Q:  Where did someone like Adolph Hitler come from? I don’t understand…


B:  He came from your society; he came as an expression of the combined and collective fears, and perhaps, some self-imposed karmic balances, in a negative way, that your society placed upon itself.


It was an individual who did not feel their own self-empowerment. And so, in your terms, fell into the adoption of the negativity that was sensed in the society, and expressed it as a reflecting mirror back to the society – to show the society what the combined idea of its fears and negative attitudes have been able to create.


Q:  That was not functioning within integrity.


B:  No. Because it was segregative, separative, domineering. That which needs to dominate does not believe it is in control already.


Q:  Okay. Thank you very much.


B:  Does that assist you?


Q:  Yes, very much.


B:  Thank you. Sharing!


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