Holistic Integrity’s
Jump-Start Area

A Portal/Website focused mainly on providing various Tools & ‘Permission-Slips’ (as Ideas, Perspectives and Methodologies assisting for growth and becoming More of who We are (on a Personal and Collective level)) mainly in the following areas/directions:


1. Personal Power and Empowerment, Body-Mind-Spirit Integral Holistic Wellness:

– Mindset, Beliefs and Definitions

– Structure of ‘Personality Construct’, Integrity

– Physical and Metaphysical fundamental laws of the Universe

– Relaxation, Peace, Breathing, Detachment, Imagination

– Focus, Presence, Clarity, Intuition, (tel-)Empathy

– Creativity

– Ergonomics

– Holistic and Higher Consciousness Parenting

– Art of Harmonious Nourishment (foods) Intake

– Healing Techniques, Tools and Methodologies


2. Global Solutions, Ecology, Sustainability, Enlightened Social Systems:

– Ecology and Sustainability

– Understandings on the interconnectedness of all eco-systems

– Permaculture, Polycultures, Organic and Fairtrade Systems

– Animal rights, species conservation and alternative solutions

– Educational Systems

– High Technologies, Free Energy & Eco-tech

– Resource-based economies, Voluntarism, Open-Source Governments (Github)

– Alternative and Open-Source Currencies


! Not implying in any way shape or form that the tools, ideas and methodologies presented on this website are Universally usable or/and useful for Each and Every Individual. Take (from the tools presented) just what works for You, leave behind what does not.

First online on:  21 December 2012


More info about the website and it’s mission and history here


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