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The Weight Management and weight loss aspects that no one is aware of

Seeing so many people deeply struggling, attempting to lose or to maintain a low physical weight, and seeing also the current statistics which are clearly evoking the biggest rise in history in the area of weight-related issues, I decided to create this material and expose some of the most important aspects regarding the subject, that are literally nowhere to be found in any course or specialty material that I’ve explored so far, and I’ve certainly explored quite a massive amount of books, courses and materials of all sorts regarding the whole area of bodily wellness, nutrition and fitness/bodybuilding.

This material contains two main “chapters” which are the following:

I. the deep psychological reasons and aspects (because of which individuals gain, or hold on to their weight)

II. other important and potentially relevant aspects & extended information, knowledge, tools and tips;


and thus, getting now straight into the essence of the matter:

Chapter I:
(the most widespread and mostly unknown) deep psychological reasons and aspects (because of which individuals gain, or hold on to their weight):

 1. To appear more grounded – in order to counteract the potential judgments of them, as being “airy”, to compensate for society’s potential judgments and invalidation about themselves, by adding more weight in order to appear more stable and grounded;
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