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the 3 fundamental educational basics

There are three main, largely unknown, fundamental and essential educational concepts, that can provide a very strong, efficient and natural foundation for all common learning and educational endeavors.

 But before going further and exposing those three concepts, there is also an important premise useful to be reminded here as well, which is the idea that: it might be very beneficial, to be fully conscious of the fact that, the use of the gentlest possible touch in all your teaching and educational endeavors, is always the most harmonious and constructive approach to be used.

 And so, furthermore, do allow in their education the following 3 main essential and fundamental concepts:

number one:
Choices & their consequences, in

safe environments

Teach them interactively in safe environments (through ‘hands-on’ scenarios and interactions conceived by using the adult’s child-like imagination), how to make choices, and what the consequences of their choices and actions actually are – and it’s important to do that through methodologies or systems that are truly interactive and more representative of actual activities in the world, so they can better learn by actually doing, and thus to experience the consequences of their choices, and examine the possibilities, and make the choices that would benefit them, that are in alignment with who they deem themselves to be.

And quite obviously, this should not at all be about generating limiting fears or phobias, but about generating discernment – quite similar to the watching of a movie.

This will also lead to a greater awareness and realization of the following second fundamental:
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Feminine and Masculine Polaritie Clarified and Defined image

First, a very relevant idea here, is that, each individual Soul, contains both polarities in equal measure, and both polarities can be fully expressed by the individual, however, usually, the polarity that is represented by the physical body’s physical sex that the individual chooses (pre-incarnation) to be born with, will is in most cases, be predominantly and more easily expressed in life.

Also, both polarities are present and manifesting in each Individual in ways and proportions that are most efficiently appropriate for the Individual’s chosen themes of exploration in life.

Being aware of, and knowing how to use both energetic polarities when necessary  (as in: “androgyny”), is one of the most powerful ‘fundamentals’ in the evolution, growth and expansion of the Individual.


And so, simply put, the energetic (archetypal representations of energy) are:

The Feminine:

  • nurturing;
  • vulnerability, acceptance;
  • inwardly, knowingness (inspiration, intuition..), receptivity (as the ‘negative’ in the yin-yang symbol*);


The Masculine:

  • commandment, assuredness, conviction, assertiveness, aggressiveness (but not in the negative sense);
  • outwardly, expression (as the ‘positive’ in the yin-yang symbol*);

 * – [this is just one of the popular interpretations of the Yin-Yang symbol, which, in essence, is much more representative of the aspects of: Creation-Light, and: destruction-darkness, of the Universe – see this material for an in-depth clarification)

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Highest and most Powerful form of Blessing

As suggested by an endeared First Contact Specialist and E.T. Ambassador during a recent transmission/communication, the most efficient modality of Blessing Others and Yourself it is the following:

Blessing/Imagining/Seeing the Individual(s) as living their highest Excitement, Passion and Joy each moment (to the best of their ability (with full Integrity and (detached) zero expectations on how exactly the outcome should be))! as the true ideal natural and highest vibrational state of being.

This is a very powerful methodology (‘permission-slip’) that has an immense power of transforming the entire Humanity in a very quick time if it is practiced often, and thus propagates/ripples this ‘blessing vibration’ (through your Vibration and your Heart that is always speaking (through electromagnetic bubbles (traveling on all the globe wit the speed of light)) to all the Hearts of Humanity)!

For more info surrounding the topic, you can research more about the idea of “heart coherence” and the global studies and measurements of the “Heartmath Institute“.



The ‘Purpose’ of Life and of Existence – and about being yourSelf

 The only true ‘purpose’/”mission”/goal in Existence is to become more of yourSelf, to be who You really are, to the best that You can be – to be this You You are Now, in the Best Possible Way you Can Know How to Be! More simply put: to fully be whoever you are in this life, to the best of the ability You have determined that You can be that You.


And the true Natural Ideal You, is most likely: Gloriously Child-Like Playful, Spontaneous, Passionate, Creative, Imaginative, Free, Expansive, Courageous, Harmonious, Compassionate, Appreciative, Supportive, Unconditional Loving – as our True Natural ‘Core’ State of Being – who and what We really are in our Divine essence.

 It is also about leaving the idea of wanting to be ‘normal’ behind and allowing things to be natural! and thus, following the cleanest, dearest and most integrated instincts available.

And also about increasing our perspective and understanding of ourSelves more deeply; understanding and remembering more of Who We truly and fundamentally are (as an aspect of Infinite Creation and Infinite Potentiality), Learning to use that in a daily pragmatical and practical application, benefiting from the results of that insight and that perspective, and Growing and Experiencing more Creativity, Joy, Appreciation and Abundance as a result.

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Compassion Clearly Defined

Assisting for clearing of any potential confusions surrounding the topic(s).


The idea/concept of ‘compassion‘ is more and more circulated around lately, and almost everywhere that you hear or see, about it somewhere, it usually has a different spin/meaning/interpretation, religious or not; Thus, in having perceived that so many Individuals may greatly benefit by having a clear understanding about this concept, and I would also benefit as well by the act of writing/clarifying/self-reminding this material for myself.

Presenting the concepts in a way very similar that it was presented to me in most of the E.T. transmissions and channelings that I’ve had the privilege to attract into my reality;

Starting with a quote from an E.T. First Contact Specialist / Ambassador transmission (Bashar):

  “Compassion is recognizing that, in a way, it is similar to what you may think of as pride, but not in a negative sense; you are proud of them for the strength that they have to undergo the limitations that they have created for themselves. And you know that they have created it from their strength, and that they can chose something else if they desire to. But as long as they are in what they have chosen to be in, you have compassion for them as a fellow being who has chosen to express their strength in the manner they have chosen to do so. That is compassion.”

Bashar – E.T. Ambassador and first contact specialist


Other facets and perspectives are:

– Compassion is the recognition, that everyone is free to make their choices, and you support them wholly in the doing of that thing, because only by supporting their ability to make whatever choices they want, unconditionally, do you actually give them the best ability to choose something that might actually be to their benefit!

– You do not need to take responsibility for anyone else’s life (and this does not imply that you can not help if feeling like/wanting to help) – but only to be responsible in front of them, to be the best you that you know how to be;

– Is is also not about giving sympathy (described below) in order to reinforce the negativity they have already created with their misunderstanding of their connection to the Infinite (with their Beliefs of their lack of connection to the Infinite). Simply put: there is really no need to take on the emotional feelings of another person in order to be compassionate towards them or to care about how they are feeling. Just like in a little story that I recently heard, that was telling about a traveler who encounters a man suffering of pain, having on his chest a boulder that fell from a mountain, and if the traveler would’ve felt true sympathy, then he would not had the power to help and lift the boulder.. obviously, because thus he would have felt the same pain and suffering..

[Sympathy: coming from the Latin sympatha, from Greek: συμπάθεια transliterated as sympatheia, from συν + πάσχω = συμπάσχω) literally means: to suffer together or “feeling with.” It also can mean being affected by like feelings or emotions.]

Compassion and Empathy are Empowering  /
ity or Sympathy are dis-empowering

– Compassion is representative of unconditional allowance.

– Vibrationally Speaking, unconditional Compassion is the equivalent of Appreciation


Bashar: Compassion does not mean you do not help, compassion simply means you do not take responsibility for them. Compassion means you live the life that is representative of who you are to the fullest, so you can be the best reflective example you can be to them. That is what helps them.

By all means interact with them. Compassion, in no way, shape or form, prevents you from interacting with individuals you attract into your life that may require some assistance, some guidance. There is nothing that says compassion cannot guide. There is nothing that says compassion cannot reflect. Are we not reflecting ideas to you?”

Q: Yes, you are.

Bashar: We know you create your own reality. But it is our compassion that allows us to desire to share with you that there are many ways you could create your reality. But in no way do we take responsibility for what you decide to choose, even after we have given you a reflection.


On ‘Why people suffer’

“Can you imagine a being so compassionate, so unconditionally loving that it will choose to live a life of suffering because it knows that if it does so, it will trigger in you the same compassion to make sure it will never happen again. Can you imagine that?

Understand of course that you have to look at it on a case by case basis, because there as many reasons why people are experiencing those kinds of lives as there are people experiencing them.

But do remember, you are, all of you are, an eternal spirit, an eternal indestructible spirit . The physical experience – and I’m not justifying it – in that sense, is only a part of it, part of the total experience of the spirit.

If the spirit knows that an act of unconditional love, in going into a life, that it may experience a certain kind of suffering for awhile, will actually open the eyes and awaken others to how they can go about changing their world, to be something more positive, many spirits will actually choose to do that, out of love.

They may not remember that they did it when they are physical, it may make no sense to them when they are physical or to anyone else, but there is a reason.

There is always a reason.

Now, yes, sometimes, because of the nature again of the belief systems that exist on your planet, many people for thousands of years on your planet, have not known that they can actually make a conscious choice to experience the kind of life that they prefer.

When a being on your planet dies, not knowing it can make a conscious choice, it will sometimes – especially in what you call the past – sometimes, simply pick up right away in another life, that in your terms would be reflective of unresolved issues from the past one. Do you follow me? I’m speaking linearly here for a moment.

So sometimes, the experiences of people, even children obviously, having lives that you see in that manner as having described as suffering, may be the result of not knowing consciously, that they could have chosen something else.

When the word choice is used it doesn’t always mean it’s a conscious choice. The key, especially in the present life is to learn to make these choices consciously, intentionally. And to know that you have the power, that you have the option, that’s the key. Then, then – you can transform all these things.

But, right now, Earth being what it is, the consequences and product of thousands of years of fear, there are still a lot of people on your planet who are caught up in fear. Still a lot of people who are perpetrating a lot of negative things against other people.

Spirits know that that’s the territory they’re entering (before they reincarnate back on Earth). They understand it may be rough, but they also understand what the consequences may be, they understand that because of their willingness to go through that experience because of the number of people they may actually help by doing so. Do you follow?

It is not a justification for the negative act but these things are all done in some way shape or form by agreement by orchestration, even if it is an unintentional or unconscious one, there are still the consequences of energy. And even though you could say ‘Well I didn’t intentionally make that choice’, if you choose to perpetuate certain negative belief systems within yourself , that will always have a particular consequence according to the *Third Law, so even if a person doesn’t necessarily in their mind want something bad to happen to them, but are always afraid it might, then they are choosing something bad to happen to them.

That’s the same thing. Being afraid that something might happen is the same thing as saying you are choosing it. Because what you’re saying is, that out of all your belief systems, out of all of them, that’s the one you believe is most likely going to happen. That’s the one you’re giving the power to.

Therefore that’s the consequences you get and thus it can be said it was a choice … even if you’re not in touch with exactly how that might have occurred, mechanistically speaking.

But the issue is to become more aware of how that happened so that you can choose with eyes open. So that generation after generation things can get, as you say, more peaceful, more nurturing, more loving, more creative, more supportive. That’s what this transformational age on your planet is all about. That’s why you’re also seeing an increase in all the negativity because you’re getting everything up out of your system. All the things you’ve been holding onto for thousands of years, all the fears, all the negative acts, you’re putting them all out on the table, saying ‘look, look, look at what we have made our world to be…look what we have made ourselves to be… is this what we want? Is this what we want to be?

If the answer is no, then help. Do something that is a positive reflection. Be of assistance to those people. Relieve the suffering where you can and let others know that those that perpetrate the suffering are themselves suffering, that’s why they do it.

Please remember, it takes a victim to make a victim – you understand?

You must do things that break the chain of victimization beginning with the perpetrator, because the only reason why they do what they do is because they have been taught to believe that they are unworthy, that they are disconnected, that they are powerless and in living in the terror of the experience of being disconnected from their power, believe me, they will still want to reach out to whoever they can, but, being that they are perpetuating a negative spiral they will reach out in a negative way because it’s the only way they’ve been taught to express themselves.

But, when they are taught to believe they are powerful, that they are an aspect of God, that they can live the life of joy that they prefer to live, there will be no need to force themselves on anyone else, there will be no need to control, there will be no need … do you follow me?”

Bashar – ET Ambassador and first contact specialist

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Present Moment as the result of the present moment[hupso]


The Present moment is scientifically proven the result of the present moment and not the result of the past, but, paradoxically, it can be!, if it is defined as such.

(if this concept is fully assimilated by an Individual, it is most probable that, it will ‘break all ties’ to the quite limitive ‘third density experience’, and propel the Individual into more Dream-like, Malleable, Exciting 4D (‘fourth density’) Experience of Existence!)

Lately, I have encountered and ‘went through’ many materials (documentaries, articles, channellings) evoking the true holographic and really Infinite nature of the Universe – and the idea that: literally and scientifically: Everything that we can imagine with our imagination: it really exists, right Now (somewhere in a parallel dimension within the Infinite multidimensional Universe)! and also, about the related idea that, there is no real separation, everything being fully interconnected (in scientific theory and in practice – see the well-known experiment with the split atoms that communicate with each other, no matter the distance in-between).

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A complete understanding of: Empathy and TelEmpathy (as in “telepathy”) picture

 It is most probable that You’ve observed that the Individuals who are in Love with each other, find themselves thinking the same thoughts, or thinking about each other at the same time, or finishing each other’s sentences. And it’s really not that that they are ‘reading’ each other’s minds.

 When Individuals are in a state of Unconditional Love (towards the Other), by resonating on the same bandwidth and frequency, then They will automatically receive the same frequencies broadcasted by the Universe in the form of Thoughts, Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition.1

 Empathy is really an identification with Someone else, so that you create the same patterns within Yourself, sometimes in an amplified form, identifying your frequency with their frequency and thus having the same thoughts and inspirations at the same time.


– TelEmpathy is an Emotionally activated experience – not mentally activated;

 – Energetically and vibrationally activated (not mentally activated);

 – Mentally translated (not mentally activated);


 That is why scientists are befuddled when they try to test it in the lab in such stringent conditions that they do not allow emotions in, thus they have negated the one factor that actually makes it work.


(Tel)Empathy usually works way better when enough energy is present in the body, when it is associated with deep breathing and heart centering/coherence exercises!


  Here also, it might also be beneficial to mention/remember the fact that: nobody can really read nobody else’s mind or thoughts unless that Person chooses to (by his or her Beliefs, Definitions and Conscious or Unconscious Choices) 2 !

“Every Individual is a particular Frequency, a particular Vibration, when you are Unconditionally Loving of another Individual, You begin to identify very strongly with them. That is called the ‘bond of Attraction’ or the ‘bond of Love’.” – Bashar

Extended Information:

Our Heart, with every beat, actually gives-off an electromagnetic pulse that leaves the body at the speed of light. 186.300 miles/sec.

We all give off these bubbles of electromagnetic energy with every beat of the Heart!, every single one of Us, and that it moves outward, enveloping everyone at the speed of light; We are All immersed in each other heart-bubbles, all the time. Most Communication with each Other and Telempathy happens through the Heart Vibration, and not through the mind!


  E.T. First-Contact Specialist & Ambassador: ‘Bashar‘, talking about his race:

“The unconditional love and support that we have for each other is what allows us to always be telepathically in contact with each other all the time.  Creative and loving relationships will always begin to exhibit a form of telepathy.  But you see, telepathy is not literally “reading each others minds.”  Every individual is a particular frequency, a particular vibration, when you are unconditionally loving of another individual you begin to identify very strongly with them. That is called the bond of attraction or the bond of love.

When you identify strongly enough your frequency begins to match their frequency; it does not become exactly identical but it becomes very similar.  When both of your frequencies are very similar you translate information in the same form of thoughts.  In other words, you identify so strongly that you think alike.  When you are truly engaged in an exchange of unconditional love you start thinking alike at the same time.

When you have the same kind of thoughts at the same time and you think you’re reading each others mind, you’re not;  it is not so much the idea of extracting information from each other, it is mirroring each other very closely.  “


1. the Universe is constantly, at all times, broadcasting really All the Information that it Exists in All the Infinity of time and space and consciousness, information about Everything that it Exists (in All Dimensions of time and space and consciousness), constantly broadcasting at all times, making it fully accessible to everyone that tunes to any relevant specific frequency  ^^^


2. nobody really can negatively influence your reality without You fully Choosing to Experience that version of Reality (in full accord with All the Individuals involved in that Situation/Experience (which is previously fully chosen as part of the Theme(s) of Exploration in Life or/and in Dreams-time (to serve on the personal path of Exploration and Growth))) ^^^

Understanding the memory process[hupso]

Scientifically and quite simply put, whatever we can Imagine with our Imagination, should be existing somewhere in the Infinite Universe (and Infinite Cosmic Mind), and also, because of the fact the Infinite Universe is Multi-dimensional and Holographic, this also scientifically, physically, implies that all imaginable realities are happening right Now, right Here, but in a (slightly or greatly) different parallel frequency/time reality
[*advanced (You can skip): actually, all potential and relevant realities do already exist in the infinite XYZ matrix, and what is really moving (giving the illusion of movement/continuity, with a fixed speed of a few hundred thousand billions parallel Universe per second (the Planck-time)), it is really You 😉 – piloting through the (static) Multiverse by your own attractive Vibration (constantly ‘tuned’ by your Beliefs, Definitions, Emotions, Thoughts and Behavior), and what you have chosen learn to grow/evolve in all aspects (the “Karma”)]

Other very precise (and really valuable) understandings about the true metaphysical mechanics behind the Memory Process, info. that I received from the great ET first-contact specialit and ambassador and good friend of Humanity, is the following:

If You are fully Believing and Trusting that You will Know/Remember All that You need to Know when You will need to Know it (whether through normal Remembrance / Imagination, whether through Inspiration, through Intuition or through  or even on the Internet or in a Book, etc.), then, You can Relax into that Belief and really be assured that the information will Always be there on time, !but usually not a second before You’ll need it, but not a second later! And when You don’t need to know it, You won’t! And that is actually fully representative for concept of the Living in the Present Moment.

Then, the only true useful role of the Memory process is that of remembering a high state of Existence/Vibration so that You re-live/re-Vibrate in that vibrational Spectrum of frequency/State of Beingness, and thus to spring/propel yourself higher (vibrationally speaking) from that place onward.

Extended information:

Memory and any form of recall is actually created in the Present. So, ideally it is to be treated as a ‘thing’ of the present and not a ‘thing’ of the past!

It is an idea, a perception in the present, a recognition, a cognition.

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Karma simply defined image

Very simply put, karma is what you and your higher-self attract in your experience to help you grow as an individual (by changing your belief structure, having less and less negative and limitive beliefs) and explore the themes you are (consciously or not) choosing to explore – also, speaking in vibrational physics terms, karma is about: alignment vs. not in alignment (with the natural positive flow of the Universe).


  •  a balancing act
  • simply representative to the idea of balance of energy and self-awareness and responsibility
  • the carrying through of a momentum to create a balanced experience
  • a ‘completion’ of an idea You decided (consciously or not) to be
  • completely self-imposed



“It is not a retribution; it is not a judgment. It is an indication of the continuation of your own choices and momentums to explore the polarities you wanted to explore in this particular life — to set the standards and the parameters that you wished to create in this life to become the individual you wanted to become.” – Bashar


“The karmic absolute is simply that the energy, once initiated, will carry through as a momentum; but how that plays itself out will depend upon the reasoning within any given life that requires that manifestation, and can use that manifestation to learn something from.” – Bashar


“There is no outside judgment, there is truly no outside. All of You are collectively all that is. Your idea of “Karma” is simply that sense of your own self-growth, that sense of your own self-purpose. There is no judgment imposed upon You from the outside; there is no ‘outside'” – Bashar


“Karma is broken when you realize that Karma is yours to break. That’s all it is. The realization that you are free from Karma – frees you from Karma. When you know that you are free to determine who you are at every moment, that recognition breaks the ‘karmic tie’.” – Bashar



(!advanced:) Also, wile you are non-physical, you will be aware of the idea that:

“Anytime you choose to project yourself, in a sense, in what you term to be any limiting dimensionality, you will create the limitations which will represent those ideas you need to experience in that reality. All those limitations are self-imposed, including totally your idea of Karma.”  – Bashar

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