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10  (Spiritual) Fundamentals of all truly Harmonious and Flourishing Relationships

The main essential purpose of any relationship is to reflect to all the others in the relationship what they need to learn, understand and grow in order to become more of themselves, more of their True/Core Natural Authentic Selves*!

* – [which is most probably somewhere along the lines of: Unconditionally: Loving, Supportive, Allowing, Happy, Relaxed, Forgiving, Humble, Expansive, Passionate, Enthusiastic, Child-like-Playful, Spontaneous, Imaginative, Creative, Determined, Compassionate, Empathic, Integral, No fixed expectations or attachments..]


Harmonious RelationShips are the result of Inner Alignment*, Love and deep Respect for Ourselves and Others.

The sustained focus and determination towards one’s own personal evolution, growth and the becoming of more of your true natural self (by having high clarity and awareness about your own psyche, as the (conscious or unconscious) Beliefs and Definitions), thus perpetually learning, expanding, becoming the more of your True Natural Self, is an intrinsic aspect of any harmonious and constructive relationship!

The more ‘Self-Complete’, and more of your Natural Authentic Self You are, the more likely to attract similar Individuals as mirroring reflections, which is obviously a wonderful reflection and experience to have.

* – [Inner Alignment (as the first ideal fundamental step towards any harmonious relationship) = discovering, clarifying and knowing who You really are, and how you Define and Create yourself to Be (your unique Individuality, Personality/Psyche (as your: conscious and subconscious: Beliefs, Definitions (resulting in: Fears, Boundaries, Preferences, Wishes, Dreams, Spiritual / Creative / Artistic / Expressive talents, etc.), unique inclinations and the chosen themes of exploration in life)]


Total Honesty and Openness – Being fully honest and open, allows the Other(s) in the relationship to know who You truly are (in that moment);

Not withholding any comment or information in order to avoid hurting the Other(s) – because You cannot always know or predict what can hurt the Others, or how They will react to your honesty, therefore, is best to stop assuming responsibility for the Other’s own life and evolutionary path (as: their own perceptions, emotions, reactions) reflected towards your honest and non-manipulative communications. Open the entire article/material →

the 3 fundamental educational basics

There are three main, largely unknown, fundamental and essential educational concepts, that can provide a very strong, efficient and natural foundation for all common learning and educational endeavors.

 But before going further and exposing those three concepts, there is also an important premise useful to be reminded here as well, which is the idea that: it might be very beneficial, to be fully conscious of the fact that, the use of the gentlest possible touch in all your teaching and educational endeavors, is always the most harmonious and constructive approach to be used.

 And so, furthermore, do allow in their education the following 3 main essential and fundamental concepts:

number one:
Choices & their consequences, in

safe environments

Teach them interactively in safe environments (through ‘hands-on’ scenarios and interactions conceived by using the adult’s child-like imagination), how to make choices, and what the consequences of their choices and actions actually are – and it’s important to do that through methodologies or systems that are truly interactive and more representative of actual activities in the world, so they can better learn by actually doing, and thus to experience the consequences of their choices, and examine the possibilities, and make the choices that would benefit them, that are in alignment with who they deem themselves to be.

And quite obviously, this should not at all be about generating limiting fears or phobias, but about generating discernment – quite similar to the watching of a movie.

This will also lead to a greater awareness and realization of the following second fundamental:
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