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Carnivore vs. Vegan Debate ImageBringing deeper understanding and balance in and around the Veganism vs. Carnism debate 

The first premise:
There are approximately 5 main types of ‘players’ in the debate, categorized below in a very loose and simplistic fashion:

1. Radical Carnivore / Omnivore

– potentially still needing denser protein foods for optimal sustenance (because of: generations-old DNA programming, belief-structures, or/and toxins lodged in the body, appealing to(/increasing the craving for) a denser-vibrational spectrum of foods);

– some are believing that no substitutes can ever replace the meat’s taste and texture they are so in love or/and accustomed with;

– some are fearing that their lifestyle is under threat by radical vegans and veganism (who might one day take over the World) – can be seen on online forums and groups, militaristically and desperately defending their lifestyle choices, by using mostly unscientific facts, unfounded theories, or just by trolling.


2. Moderate Omnivore, moderate Carnivore

– many are open to someday becoming a type 3 or type 4;

– usually, not very engaged in online debates;


3. Reducetarian/Transitarian, Vegetarian or Pesco-Vegetarian

– usually having the most conciliatory and tolerant view about both sides of the debate;

– less likely to fancy themselves being a type 5;


4. Moderate Vegan

– quite close to type 5, but much more tolerant and less verbose;


5. Radical Vegan warrior

– many of them are carry the belief that, the meat eaters are some vicious monsters killing the planet, torturing animals and suiciding themselves at the same time, by eating foods that are unfit for human consumption;

– most times very self-driven and verbose about promoting the cause.



With the advent of more and more sometimes quite heated debates regarding the topic of this article, and also because, so far, in any of those debates, I haven’t seen properly expressed and put together into clear perspective the points I am about to make, and also the idea that, negatively-judgmental blaming and the pointing of fingers (quite very popular in the vegan ‘camp’ those days), is certainly not the most ideal conduit or solution – and thus, all those ideas together, intensely stimulated me to create this material, with the aim to help bring balance and understanding into this very ‘trendy’ debate, and also bring forth some aspects that are still unacknowledged by most of the population and put them into proper perspective, aspects that can help all sides fully reconcile and harmoniously settle this debate possibly once and for all.

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The Weight Management and weight loss aspects that no one is aware of

Seeing so many people deeply struggling, attempting to lose or to maintain a low physical weight, and seeing also the current statistics which are clearly evoking the biggest rise in history in the area of weight-related issues, I decided to create this material and expose some of the most important aspects regarding the subject, that are literally nowhere to be found in any course or specialty material that I’ve explored so far, and I’ve certainly explored quite a massive amount of books, courses and materials of all sorts regarding the whole area of bodily wellness, nutrition and fitness/bodybuilding.

This material contains two main “chapters” which are the following:

I. the deep psychological reasons and aspects (because of which individuals gain, or hold on to their weight)

II. other important and potentially relevant aspects & extended information, knowledge, tools and tips;


and thus, getting now straight into the essence of the matter:

Chapter I:
(the most widespread and mostly unknown) deep psychological reasons and aspects (because of which individuals gain, or hold on to their weight):

 1. To appear more grounded – in order to counteract the potential judgments of them, as being “airy”, to compensate for society’s potential judgments and invalidation about themselves, by adding more weight in order to appear more stable and grounded;
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