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Inspirational list of Gratitude reasons

There are many (scientifically documented and statistically studied) reasons for living and being as often as possible in a high vibration/state of authentic and very profound Gratitude, reasons that most probably, I am going to enumerate in a future material on this website (so, to be updated: get connected (through RSS, by Subscribing, or Social Media)).

Until then, you can savor the list below:


A few Reasons:

– the moments of peace, relaxation, self-pampering;

– the Water and any other Life-Sustaining Liquids;

– the personal Talents, Inclinations, Gifts and personal Expressions;

– the Foods on the table (ideally as well: Thanking and Blessing those specific species of Plants/Animals that You are eating / ecstatically savouring);

– the (clean) air and for the goodness of Deeeep and Relaxed Breathing/Oxygenation;
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