The ‘Purpose’ of Life and of Existence – and about being yourSelf

 The only true ‘purpose’/”mission”/goal in Existence is to become more of yourSelf, to be who You really are, to the best that You can be – to be this You You are Now, in the Best Possible Way you Can Know How to Be! More simply put: to fully be whoever you are in this life, to the best of the ability You have determined that You can be that You.


And the true Natural Ideal You, is most likely: Gloriously Child-Like Playful, Spontaneous, Passionate, Creative, Imaginative, Free, Expansive, Courageous, Harmonious, Compassionate, Appreciative, Supportive, Unconditional Loving – as our True Natural ‘Core’ State of Being – who and what We really are in our Divine essence.

 It is also about leaving the idea of wanting to be ‘normal’ behind and allowing things to be natural! and thus, following the cleanest, dearest and most integrated instincts available.

And also about increasing our perspective and understanding of ourSelves more deeply; understanding and remembering more of Who We truly and fundamentally are (as an aspect of Infinite Creation and Infinite Potentiality), Learning to use that in a daily pragmatical and practical application, benefiting from the results of that insight and that perspective, and Growing and Experiencing more Creativity, Joy, Appreciation and Abundance as a result.

Learning, Discovering and Growing never ever stops!, throughout the whole Infinite Existence, throughout all Lives, throughout all Dream Experiences.

“Do not forget to play, act out, treat yourselves to the ways in which you express Creativity and your Passions, ride the leading edge, the crest of the wave of the transformation of your collective consciousness, ride the wave of yourself into the future you prefer” – Bashar

 Physical Reality is about Process, about the Journey, about Learning more Detail about the Process of Creation, and about Becoming the More that You Can Be.

Consciousness Always has complete Free Choice and Command on what Reality gets to be Experienced, and all experiences can be used in a positive way (by first applying a positive meaning to that situation/circumstance/interaction).

On of the biggest gifts in Creation is that: Every situation or circumstance is devoid of any built-in meaning, being just a neutral prop.

The meaning you automatically, consciously or unconsciously assign to any neutral situation or circumstance, determines exactly the effect you get out of that situation. All situations are fundamentally neutral and can serve double duty – they can create for you a negative or a positive Reflection – and that is solely determined by what energy vibration and attitude and Belief system and Definition you assign to that situation!

We are the Meaning givers, we give Meaning to Existence, we give Meaning to Creation! Through Us, Creation Understands “what it means” – We are Reflections of All That Is, and All That Is learns what it is, by Experiencing all the Reflections that All of Us are, that are It. We give Meaning to It, and thus then, when We give Meaning to God in our unique ways, God gives meaning to Us – and we give meaning to Each Other – is a relationship circle / sphere.

Also, re-minding you that, it is not, never was, and never will be about changing anyone else, it’s about what you Learn in your Experience of being an aspect of Creation, and, in a sense, adding that perspective to Creation, to give Realization to another point of view in Creation.

And so, no matter what anyone else’s intention in any given circumstance might be toward you, if you assign only a positive meaning to that given same circumstance and situation, then you will only receive a positive effect out of that circumstance no matter what anyone else experiences.

“The Journey Is the Destination! – Where you Are Is Where you Need To Be! – A full Appreciation is the point!, the Process Is ‘The Goal’!” – Bashar

All the Themes, Stories, Situations and InterActions with Others are all chosen Prior to any Incarnation and in Dreams Time;


“Everything is energy; everything vibrates at different frequencies.
The only reason one thing is different from another thing is because there are energies and frequencies which are different rates, different pitches than other frequencies. That difference in frequencies is exactly what determines what you perceive to be this object from that object, this Person from that Person. Everyone is made out of the same one homogenous substance. The only reason you appear to be different is because of the pitch, or vibrational rate, at which you operate, the level at which you define yourselves to be. Every being within creation is a self-aware, self Reflective, free-will entity, a holographic representation of the Infinite Creation. you all have the ability to operate on any number of frequency levels that you so desire. Those frequency levels are automatically determined by the Beliefs you buy into most strongly, what you Believe is most true for you.” – Bashar

High Physicists nowadays know it: Consciousness Creates and Sustains the Entire Fabric of the Universe!

Even physical local phenomena and laws are based on our Individual or collective Choices, Choices that can be overridden, if overriding them is truly representative for the Individual’s Highest Passion and Purpose in Life (for example the idea of gravity is one collective Choice (who has not yet fully been understood by scientists)); 

 “You are made of Existence itself!” – Bashar

“Life does not happen to you – it comes from you, through you, and Reflects Back to you!” – Bashar

 The Physical Reality is a slow-motion and much more “hands-on” and “visceral” process, compared to the quite instant cause and effect that happens in the spirit(/dream reality) – and actually, that is one of the reasons, Spirits choose to incarnate in a physical time-space continuum – by choosing to forget (upon incarnation) the real Spirit/Infinite Nature – thus being able to explore in greater detail the Creation process as previously mentioned (in a more “hands-on” and “visceral” way), but also to use the great advantage of a time buffer that physical reality has, in which there is always time to change your mind about a certain (vibrational) choice.

Existence is: Holographic – depending upon your point of view will determine exactly how you see it – and all points of view are correct! – and all truths are true for the one who Believes/Defines them – and your own point of view, Beliefs, Definitions and Vibration actually attracts/manifests realities that are Reflective and Balancing in the “karmic” sense (for those Beliefs). It’s just what truly serves you (and your surrounding souls) at any given moment for what you are doing.

Everything can be called “Illusion”, but the Experience of it is real – and why Everything can be called “Illusion” ? Because Everything physical is actually just vibrational (&holographic) energy and vibration, everything being energetically/electrically & vibrationally interconnected in an Infinite Sea of energetic vibrations of Consciousness – causes and effects and waves of potentiality in an Infinite Ocean of Infinite Possibilities, Infinite Probabilities in the Infinite Holographic Multi-Verse, each Moment.

Thus, it is also about Learning/Remembering to use the power of the Illusion instead of falling into the illusion of Power!

Actually, ALL that can be Imagined Is REAL, right now (somewhere in the Infinite multidimensional Multi-Verse) in a parallel Dimension of space and time it literally and physically Exists – similarly physical as this “Physical” Reality does Exist – It All Physically really Exists in the ‘Infinite quantum Soup’ – but We get to Experience only what ‘we are the vibration of’, what is relevant to our chosen path/theme of evolution and exploration in Existence.

“We are not suggesting you must Learn something new that you do not already know how to do; we are here to assist you in realizing that you create your reality anyway. And thus if you are willing to shift the focus of how you create that reality, you will be able to perceive and Experience the type of reality you say you prefer.

Do allow yourselves to recognize that the whole process of understanding is not the idea of Learning something new, but the process of remembering more and more of what you already are. When you allow yourselves to truly work with, and not against, the fabric of love out of which all reality is created, and blend with that flow, you will be able to sculpt your reality out of that love into any form that represents your true heart’s desire.” – Bashar

It is All fundamentally functioning based on the 5 main laws/foundations on the Universe:

1. You exist.

2. Everything is Here and Now.

3. The One is All and the All are One (the holographic principle).

4. What You put out is what You get back.

5. Change is the only constant, except the first four laws, which never change.


 “Your Life, your physical reality is woven of the very fabric of your Existence. It is you. It is YOU. It is made of you, of love and light; which is the substance that is your essence and your Existence, and that grants you the knowledge, the assurity, the understanding, that you are ETERNAL. For you are created from Existence itself, which is the All That Is that you refer to as Creation and the Creator. It is Existence itself and always will be. And so you shall always exist.” – Bashar

To be able to have direct ‘instant’ conscious command over how reality reveals itself and increase the amplitude of the positive Synchronicities, instant miracles, instant magic (as some readers may now wonder if it could really be possible), then, there are some important aspects that do matter, and have to be taken properly into consideration:

– The Individual’s self-Chosen Themes of Exploration in Life;

– How relevant is something relative to the Individual’s chosen path of Exploration/Themes in Life;

– The personal set of Beliefs and Definitions about Existence, and the respective Clarity, and intensity of those Beliefs;,

– Power of Imagination and Emotion;

– Power of Focus, Clarity, Determination;

– the Detachment of any fixed expectations or fixed outcome scenarios;

– A high vibrational / in alignment / centered / stress-less Body and Mind (/Personality Construct/Vibrational Spectrum);

– The electrical conductivity in the Body (the water & monotonic elements content);

– Oxygen, Vitality;

– Stretching, Muscle Pumping (for flushing with water and oxygen – nutrients in, toxins out), Detoxification, the Ingestion of clean and energetic Foods, Gratitude, Appreciation;


  Also, the quickest way to raise your vibrational spectrum and thus become the more that You can be and have a truly Extatic reality, is to: Act on whatever opportunity contains the highest excitement at any given moment, that You have the greatest degree of taking action on, taking it as far as You can, until You can take it no further, with absolutely zero insistence of what the outcome ought to be. Excitement lets You know what direction represents the positive, integrative, accelerative, expansive fulfillment of the path you chose to be in this life; and can also be seen as the organizing principle and the driving engine of a fully Joyful, Magically-Synchronical and truly Blissful Existence.



An relevant extra advanced topic:

[or, You can scroll/jump to the next paragraph section bellow for some beautiful and highly relevant dialogue interactions with Bashar, the E.T. ambassador and first contact specialist]

There are two main mechanisms involved in the Personal (Individualized consciousness) evolution process; first is the idea that Free Choice is available at ALL times nudges/pushes the Creation/Expansion of the Universe and of the Individualized consciousness towards the Positive (in a “Perfecting the Perfection” sense – always existing the ability to Choose (vibrationally) the reality that will get to be Experienced – (and just this idea on its own (the idea of ‘Free Choice at all times’), nudges/pushes the Creation/Expansion of the Universe and of the Individualized consciousness towards the Positive (again, in a “Perfecting the Perfection” sense)); and here also, the adjacent idea that: all that Individuals do in Life, is to move further from pain into pleasure – Pain pushes – Pleasure pulls!  –  The value is in the Experience! which validates All That Is, because it is a real valid Experience of All That Is. and to Experience it, in that sense, validates all that is and the aspect of it Experiencing it – and that is an Experience of value and Appreciation.

Thus also, the evolution / uplifting of any one’s vibration (and the Reflected Experienced reality experienced) is also ‘measurable’ by evaluating/measuring the Individual’s (vibrational) level of Appreciation.



An interaction with Bashar, the E.T. Ambassador and first contact specialist:


Q: But Bashar, I want to know that my Life is going to run as smoothly as I want….

B. All right! Allow us to say this: recognize that we cannot in any way prove any of what we say to you. However … I can, in your terminology, absolutely 100% guarantee! – that is the word you like: guarantee- that you can prove it to yourself.

All we are saying is that if you are willing to act as the Person you can envision yourself desiring to be, your reality -100% guaranteed- will Reflect that idea, and only that idea to you. It can do nothing else; I guarantee it 100%. LIFE WORKS WHEN YOU LET IT – 100%!

Yes, yes, yes, I know: “It sounds too easy.” But Life is easy – if you let it be. Life always creates more Life without any difficulty whatsoever. Existence always continues to exist without any effort at all. No struggle. It just is. It is ecstasy itself. Therefore, allow yourself the opportunity to realize that whatever you can image IS real! you cannot Imagine non-Existence. Go ahead; try!

Q: It hurts.

B. All right. Recognize, therefore, that anything you Imagine is, on some level of your Existence, a real reality. And much of it is manifestable in various ways within physical reality-according to the agreements you have made with everyone else to share the idea of this transformational time frame.
Now, let me reiterate a crucial idea mentioned earlier: All of you are as powerful as you need to be to create anything you desire in Life without having to hurt anyone else or yourselves in order to create it.
Believe in the power you are as the Reflective representation of Infinite Creatorhood. As you think, as you picture, as you Imagine, that is real. Be it, if you prefer what you Imagine-and that will be the reality you Experience.

Understand something: all you need is a basic trust that at any given moment you have what you need; you know everything you need to know to be who you are being in that moment. As soon as you redefine who you are, you will know the things that Person needs to know- regardless of what you are seeing around you. Paradoxically, the way to see things change in your world most quickly is to change the idea of who you are. you see, the idea of total knowledge of all things is not necessary in order for you to function in the physical reality you are in; in fact, total knowledge would actually hamper your Existence.

Q: So maybe it’s not so much knowledge I want as the love.

B. Then feel it! For it is all around you. But feel it within you first, or you will never see it out there. Know that you cannot change anything out there; you can only allow other people and situations to change. If you wish to see anything in your world change, change yourself! Then the other changes. Then you will be being a representative example to everyone else of what kind of unconditionally loving being they can also be-by allowing them to see the example you are setting, regardless of what they are Choosing. If you are buying into their reality, and becoming frustrated and hateful and so on, because they are Choosing to be frustrated and hateful and so on, you are only reinforcing the reality they are already living. you are not giving them an example; you are not giving them a chance to see any other way.

Trust. Be the Life you wish to be. Act as if you are that way. We are not suggesting you ignore the fact that other people are Choosing to suffer. But the way to assist them best is to first and foremost be the being that at least shows them there is another way to be. Otherwise they cannot set an example of how they could also Choose to be … Loving to themselves.

you must take the first step if that is truly what concerns you in Life: be the example of what being an unconditionally loving being, to them and to yourself, is all about. And trust that your love will make a difference and will create the changes you desire to see. Because you will then be taking yourself to the world, the Earth, that already exists in the way you desire it to exist. you will take yourself to that program, to that level of frequency that already is represented by the idea that your Earth is peaceful and harmonious and expresses abundance everywhere.

That Earth exists Now. However, you will never see it if you don’t make the vibration of that world your own. All the programs, all the ways all the Earths have to be, already exist. We are not talking about a vibrational difference from a different frequency, not something that is physically “out there.” It is all right here right now.



Another relevant interaction:

Believing is Seeing

B. In a sense -to put it in very pragmatic simplified terms- you are saying that what society has taught you is that “Seeing is Believing,” whereas it is actually Believing is Seeing! That is how it works. Now, your Belief could be unconscious, so that by the time you see the manifestation of it, you think, “Oh, it is the seeing of this idea that has created the Belief within me.” And so you are looking to see things that will generate in you the Beliefs you think you want. But the only way you see those things to begin with is to already have the Belief that you will see them. Then your physical external reality forms the symbols that are Reflective of that Belief. Seeing it in your reality is what lets you know you have the Belief, so the Belief no longer has to remain unconscious. But seeing it is an indication of a Belief already in Existence…. Is any of this sinking in?

Q: I hope so.

B. Oh, you do not have to hope so. Hope implies despair, uncertainty. Do you know Personally, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the being you desire to be, you are capable of being?

Q: Yes, I know that.

B. All right. Then start using that certainty to your advantage. If you know you have the capability of Imagining what you would like to be, understand, as we have said, that your ability to Imagine what you would like to be is your ability to be that Person, that version of you.

Whatever vibratory plane you are on is what you Experience. If you have the ability to conceive how you want to be, at the moment you conceive it, you are that Person. But when you deny your Imagination its reality and say, “Okay, I’ve Imagined what I would like to be; now what do I have to see, what do I have to do, to become this idea?” you are placing all of the steps in your way that it’s taking for you to get there. your ability to Imagine that Person is being that Person-because if you weren’t of that vibration, you wouldn’t be able to picture it!

All you need to do in realizing your Imagination is real, and at that moment is who and what you actually are, is to act as if you are, Believe you are that Person. Then your Life will contain the things that are representative of the Life of that type of Person. The events in your Life can only be 100% Reflective of the Person you have decided you are. So if you are Experiencing events in your Life you no longer prefer, then allow yourself to recognize that your ability to even Imagine there is another way to be, is being the other way. All you have to do is to put into physical Action the certainty that your ability to Imagine there is another way, is the reality of being that other Person.

You, as a Persona, are an artificial construct of your Consciousness; when your Consciousness changes the idea of itself, the Person you are is a different Person-literally. Only the things that are conducive to that type of Person’s Life will be what you will Experience in that Life. It is only mechanics, only physics. Whatever vibration you Believe yourself to be, will be the Life you have. Plain and simple. Anything that is not of the vibration you are cannot be Experienced in your reality. So if you are now willing to know you no longer need to batter and invalidate yourself, then allow yourself to be whatever you Imagine a Person would be like who didn’t contain a need to batter herself. Be that Person you Imagine you would be like, and your reality will be Reflective of a Person who no longer contains the vibration of the need to knock herself down in order to show herself something.

Q: What about the idea that you choose your parents to learn certain lessons? I think that’s what trips me up.

B. All right. But do remember that even though you have made that Choice, the idea does not mean you are incapable of expressing what it is you are Learning in a Positive way. you always have the opportunity to also recognize that fundamentally many of the reasons for why you Choose those scenarios is to realize what you are realizing now: that at any given moment you are absolutely self-contained and quite capable of determining what your reality is going to be like-regardless of what agreements you have made. Many of those agreements are for the purpose of getting you to the point of realizing you can create your reality the way you wish it to be. Relax and lighten up on yourself. you are an empowered being; you are right now your own unique chosen Reflection of the Infinite Creation. Act like it.



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