Understanding the memory process[hupso]

Scientifically and quite simply put, whatever we can Imagine with our Imagination, should be existing somewhere in the Infinite Universe (and Infinite Cosmic Mind), and also, because of the fact the Infinite Universe is Multi-dimensional and Holographic, this also scientifically, physically, implies that all imaginable realities are happening right Now, right Here, but in a (slightly or greatly) different parallel frequency/time reality
[*advanced (You can skip): actually, all potential and relevant realities do already exist in the infinite XYZ matrix, and what is really moving (giving the illusion of movement/continuity, with a fixed speed of a few hundred thousand billions parallel Universe per second (the Planck-time)), it is really You 😉 – piloting through the (static) Multiverse by your own attractive Vibration (constantly ‘tuned’ by your Beliefs, Definitions, Emotions, Thoughts and Behavior), and what you have chosen learn to grow/evolve in all aspects (the “Karma”)]

Other very precise (and really valuable) understandings about the true metaphysical mechanics behind the Memory Process, info. that I received from the great ET first-contact specialit and ambassador and good friend of Humanity, is the following:

If You are fully Believing and Trusting that You will Know/Remember All that You need to Know when You will need to Know it (whether through normal Remembrance / Imagination, whether through Inspiration, through Intuition or through  or even on the Internet or in a Book, etc.), then, You can Relax into that Belief and really be assured that the information will Always be there on time, !but usually not a second before You’ll need it, but not a second later! And when You don’t need to know it, You won’t! And that is actually fully representative for concept of the Living in the Present Moment.

Then, the only true useful role of the Memory process is that of remembering a high state of Existence/Vibration so that You re-live/re-Vibrate in that vibrational Spectrum of frequency/State of Beingness, and thus to spring/propel yourself higher (vibrationally speaking) from that place onward.

Extended information:

Memory and any form of recall is actually created in the Present. So, ideally it is to be treated as a ‘thing’ of the present and not a ‘thing’ of the past!

It is an idea, a perception in the present, a recognition, a cognition.

You decide what memory shall be real for You, and what ideas of the past are the ones that will actually have built the Individual that You are now! Really, You decide! Whomever You decide You are, You are! Have the conviction and the clarity to act as such, and your reality will be a reflection of that Light, of that Conviction, of that Trust!

You have the ability to ‘remember’ anything You may care to call a memory of anything You may care to call ‘a past’. Just remembering it does not mean that it has to pertain to the You You are now. You can Choose and Create which past memories are responsible for the You, You decide to Be Now (if You even need to do it that way).


Advanced ideas:

Physical mind can use memories to remember the feeling(s) of a particular Experience,  and by using the nuances of that feeling, a frequency in the body is generated that makes your body much more condusive and conductive to the ability of the Higher Mind to guide You towards a similar version of Experience and Reality. So that what memory is for: to recreate a Vibration in the Moment that will in any way shape or form, literally be the state of being that will allow You to then have that experience.

“Memory” it is actually the tuning of the pineal gland/receiver of the brain to another version of parallel reality, a particular  version of the Infinite versions of parallel Realities/Universes that do Exist/Co-Exist  right now in the Present Moment in a Parallel Dimension/Frequency of Existence, and it does not come from the past – is actually a cross linking, a cross connecting to another reality (a reality that Individuals put it into a linear space-time framework for the convenience of continuity).


And an explanation and an exemplification given by Bashar, the ET ambassador during a Q&A session:

Q:  I have a question about music.

B:  Yes.

Q:  I’ve always wanted to have a fantastic memory, and it’s never been there. And I wonder…

B:  Oh, that’s all right. Many individuals on your planet now, because this is the transformational age, will begin to recognize that they no longer need the way you typically use your memory. For the idea is that, as soon as you are living completely in the moment, you will know what you need to know, when you need to know it – according to whatever idea you are truly fully being at that moment. Whether you have ever known it before or not. So, memory: begin to treat it as a thing of the present, not a thing of the past.

Q:  And it terms of retention?

B:  Again: you will know what you need to know, when you need to know it. And when you don’t need to know it, you won’t. You follow me?

Q:  Yes.

B:  That is living in the moment. Look at the idea of an animal, if you will, as an analogy for a moment. Let us say you have – let us use the fourth-density symbol – the cat. For you know it exists on more than one level.

It knows the spiritual side as experientially as it knows the physical side. It exists in both worlds – what you call the ethereal and the physical, simultaneously – and knows it. It crosses one of your streets, and along comes one of your automobiles. The cat avoids
it, runs across, goes under a fence, or over a fence, and surveys the yard beyond the fence. And jumps into the yard.

Now: for the cat, the avoidance of the idea of the automobile is, at that moment, the total absorption it is in. And soon as it is approaching the fence, the total absorption is on the fence, on climbing the fence. As soon as it sees the yard, the total absorption is in the yard. The idea is completely lived in the moment. There is no need for the retention to the aspect of the interchange with the automobile, because that does not serve the cat in looking at the yard.

When it looks at the yard, that’s all it is doing – doing everything it needs to do to look at the yard. If there is an aspect of the interchange it had with the automobile that will serve it in allowing it to look at the yard more completely, then that aspect will be there in its knowledge. But it will not be memory in the same way you think of as memory. It will be absolute understanding; knowing in that moment what the animal needs to know to be what it is, and what it needs to do at that moment.

That is what many of you are learning also to do. So an individual, who is completely, at any given moment, being the idea of the musical piece that they desire to play, will play it. They will know it, note by note, exactly when they need to know that note. And if they allow themselves to channel that trust and knowledge, then their fingers will move magically, automatically. It will be an in-spired performance. You understand?

Q:  Yes.

B:  Thank you very much for your inspiration.

Another transcript from an interaction

Q: About the wiring in our brains: our neurophysiologists, first of all, have not been able to understand or describe the processes that make up consciousness.

B. That is because consciousness is not a product of physicality. Physicality is a product of consciousness.

Q: Right. But as far as the memory mechanisms are concerned, I don’t think they are considered to be pathways, as such. They are more electrical activity—

B. Yes, that is the point. Pathway is the root of electrical activity, the interaction of electrical activity. As we have said, the brain which is what they are using to explore the brain- cannot see itself objectively. They will not discover in a mental way what they are after. When they include consciousness in their equations, they will understand what they need to understand. They will not find it analytically, because you never do find anything analytically. If you think you have, it is only because your consciousness has created an understanding, and then you take yourselves through the process of analyzing to find what you already know.

Q: You have talked about parallel dimensions, and slipping from one dimension to the next. In applying that information and coming up to a situation that I didn’t prefer, my methodology has been to close my eyes and decide that I was in a different dimension. Then when I opened my eyes, I would be in a different dimension, and my preference would be manifested in that different dimension. It was quite outstanding, even to changing a traffic jam on the freeway.

B. Yes! There are all possibilities, for the ebb and flow of physical reality is but an illusion.

Q. Well, you stated that our mass consciousness hasn’t permitted a lot of this. But I presume it’s beginning to allow it now, and that is why it’s been working.

B.Yes, this is the timing. All ideas we have discussed with you in the past have been related to the processes allowed by your mass consciousness. Now instantaneousness is allowed.

Q. Yes. Within that context you have said that we could be losing our memories of the past. So I presume any moment in the past is a moment currently in another dimension.

B. Yes, you will recognize that you are creating it in the present.

And it acts as a connection to that other dimension.

In the present. It is not that you are now reaching into a past for the information. You are becoming the idea in the present, in order to have the information you need. So you won’t exactly really forget anything. However, you may find that you will not relate to the idea of a past situation in the way you related to it previously: feeling that your present situation was a result of it. You will make a disconnection emotionally. This so-called past event you have had will just be one more way you choose to experience the present. Nothing more.

In fourth density, for the most part, you will still be able to relate to linear time. Once you find yourselves at the end of fourth density, emerging into fifth, you may not relate to it any more.

In your fourth-density life, everything you do will be as if you are doing it for the first time. You will be living in the moment and truly understanding that every single moment of time is literally a new moment, and it isn’t really connected to any other moment-except in the sense that it occupies the same place the last moment occupied. However, it isn’t the same moment, nor is it really a direct continuation. Continuity is your illusion.



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