The Weight Management and weight loss aspects that no one is aware of

Seeing so many people deeply struggling, attempting to lose or to maintain a low physical weight, and seeing also the current statistics which are clearly evoking the biggest rise in history in the area of weight-related issues, I decided to create this material and expose some of the most important aspects regarding the subject, that are literally nowhere to be found in any course or specialty material that I’ve explored so far, and I’ve certainly explored quite a massive amount of books, courses and materials of all sorts regarding the whole area of bodily wellness, nutrition and fitness/bodybuilding.

This material contains two main “chapters” which are the following:

I. the deep psychological reasons and aspects (because of which individuals gain, or hold on to their weight)

II. other important and potentially relevant aspects & extended information, knowledge, tools and tips;


and thus, getting now straight into the essence of the matter:

Chapter I:
(the most widespread and mostly unknown) deep psychological reasons and aspects (because of which individuals gain, or hold on to their weight):

 1. To appear more grounded – in order to counteract the potential judgments of them, as being “airy”, to compensate for society’s potential judgments and invalidation about themselves, by adding more weight in order to appear more stable and grounded;


2. Trying to get abundance in one’s life by feeling a great amount of materiality – some individuals will consume more than they need, in order to replace the things they think they don’t have, by attempting to get abundance in their life by feeling like they have a lot of physical materiality – and going deeper, that is most likely because, they don’t see it externally in their life, and thus then, they will attempt to create it internally within their auric field;


3. To appear more nurturing, motherlysometimes, the Individual may serve as a center of interaction for other Individuals, and those Individuals may be coming for certain kinds of benefits, certain kinds of service, and because of the society’s labels on the notion of nurturing being that: “to be more than enough to go around for everyone”, sometimes individuals will take on a comfortable appearance, sometimes what may be called a ‘motherly / nurturing’ appearance, by adding weight “more than enough to go around”, so that, people can come to them and know that they will not be depleted while they are being of service to them;


4. Extra mass to hide from certain ideas and so that nobody to touch them in their ‘core’
    sometimes individuals do not want to face certain ideas, and they can create the idea of extra mass to hide in, so that no one will be able to touch them in the ‘center of their being’ – like a barrier so to speak – like the filling of the aura with mass, to let other people know that, there’s no room for anyone else. This is almost exactly the opposite of the next idea that, ‘there is more than enough to go around’ / “come and take”;


5. Having mass as a buffer for big energies in life – many Individuals in order to handle more of the energy they are now feeling in their lives, feel that they need to add mass as a buffer, to be able to handle what they perceive as extra energy;


6. On waiting to live their true Excitements in life – there is a wonderful analogy existing in the English language (here as an useful reminder): while remembering that: energy is mass and mass is energy – when individuals are doing what excites them the most in life, they flow the energy through them into the actions for the things that excite them. When they stop themselves from doing what excites them, they don’t flow that energy – and they ‘weight’ to do what excites them – and the more ‘weighting’ they do, the more the energy turns into mass. When individuals start acting on the things that excites them the most in life, then the mass converts back into energy, and they stop ‘weighting’ to do, and they start doing. And then in that sense all the ‘weighting’ goes away;


    There are numerous potential reasons for the creation of a particular situation or/and symbol in each individual’s own reality. To determine what can be causing any challenging or negative situation, the imagination can be a great and efficient tool to be used in this endeavor.



Chapter II:

Extended info / other important aspects, knowledge, tools and tips

  • there are many types of calories, some being very clean and beneficial, and some are being very incompatible to the individual’s body and sometimes even, quite toxic, difficult to process, and thus: very detrimental in numerous aspects – and so, just by counting the calorie intake values, can not be really a truly relevant and useful measure;


  • most people really need way less food sustenance than they think that they need. Numerous studies have have clearly shown that most westerners eat on average about 3 times more than they really need – as for example, there are some individuals who can eat the equivalent of a medium bowl of rice and some little extra on top per day, and do hard physical work quite all day long without getting tired or consumed – and they do that for years and years.


  • a proper and smart food intake regimen, will not lack true proper satisfaction after meals;


  • many individuals are very much aware of their unhealthy / fattening food choices and quantities, but affirm that those are the only choices (discovered so far) that can satisfy of fulfill them, or that are compatible with their fast lifestyle – and that usually happens mainly because, they do not Believe and Trust that they might easily find other food choices which can at least be as satisfying and fulfilling and quick to be prepared or easily transportable, as the unhealthy ones – those limitive beliefs of theirs, preventing them from finding or/and attracting those recipes or/and foods into their existence;


  • when you get a handle of how to ideally eat and combine ingredients, and how simple and quick cooking can be – then, eating can always be a tremendous pleasure in all it’s aspects, ranging from the beginning cooking stage, until the after-meal stage of savoring-‘rumination’ time;


  • it can be very beneficial to have some (conscious or unconscious) positive beliefs about your ability to find/attract great and clean ingredients, and your ability to create magnificent recipes and food combinations (by ideally using your imagination and intuition);water restrictions will never help in the quest of losing weight on the long run – on the contrary actually;


  • drinking early in the morning: lukewarm water (adding eventually some lemon/lime juice and a teaspoon of organic honey to it), can be tremendously beneficial for many bodily functions;


  • another less-talked about common factor, potentially contributing to the physical weight aspect, is that of acidity in the body (most likely caused by: bad food combination, stress, too much food, smoke, toxicity, acidic foods) – if acidity is too high, it can cause, through many ways and pathways, the buildup of fat and toxicity in the body. Some simple ph tests (using test paper for urine and saliva in the morning) can clearly reveal the current PH levels;


  • and last but not least, one of the most powerful health and body-fat-balancing I’ve discovered and studied lately, is the inclusion of an intermittent fasting regimen in your life. Many ways and styles of doing intermittent fasting do exist, but the most powerful of the all seems to be the daily breakfast skipping regimen. For more info, see those links: link1, link2.
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